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Although the draw is to ice skate outdoors on a frozen pond in the wintertime, this can be dangerous if the pond is not certified for safe skating. The best place to skate in the winter is on a prepared ice rink.

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What is Alpine skiing

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What is Alpine skiing

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Q: Where can one ice skate in the winter?
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Can you ice skate in Alaska?

Yes. You can ice skate in Alaska. You can ice skate on ponds in Alaska because in the winter most if not all the ponds freeze over. So to answer your question, yes you can ice skate in Alaska

Is it possible to ice skate in Edinburgh?

you can ice skate on artificial ice anytime or an indoor ice rink if you want outdoor, has to be winter

Where do people skate?

well it depends whether you are rollerskating or ice skating because if your ice-skating you skate in ice rinks or even in the winter on frozen lakes or ponds but if your roller skating you skate in skate parks or in parks or on the path or even the road

Can you ice skate on the Glenmore Reservoir in the winter?

Well, since you're allowed to sail on it, I expect that you can skate on it.

When can i ice skate on sims 3 seasons?

During the winter you will be able to attend the 'winter festival'. This is held in the town centre when it is winter time. During this festival your sim will be able to ice-skate. You may need to check your seasons settings and adjust them as necessary.

What is one sportr held in the winter olypmics?

One sport that is held during the winter Olympics is bobsledding. There is also figure skating, downhill skiing, and ice skate racing. There are many more winter sport competitions held during the winter Olympics.

How do you check if you can ice skate on a pond?

If the ice is a solid whitish color with no black spots you should be able to skate on the ice. Step on the ice with one foot to test it!

Which time of the year do you ice skate?

any time if it's at an arena or if it's outside winter.

Can you ice skate if your ice skating shoes are rusted?

no no-one can

Does one skate faster on thicker ice?

it depends on how sharp your ice skates are but no

Where do you go to get an ice skate?

you can get an ice skate at a skate shop like skaters edge>

How do you say ice skate in spanish?

To ice skate is patinar.

Could you ice skate on Antarctica?

Can you ice skate in antartica

How many inches should the ice be when you ice skate?

4 or more inches of ice for you to ice skate on it.

How thick should ice be to ice skate?

three inches to safely skate on ice.

Best time to visit Canada?

the winter because the snow is magnificent and you can ski, skate, sledge and go down ice slides!

What do people do at Rockefeller center in the winter?

Rockefeller Center is a complex of stores and businesses in just above midtown New York City. There is a fine ice skating rink located near the center of this complex. There people can ice skate in the Winter months.

How do you make your sims ice skate on a frozen pond sims 2 seasons?

you cannot ice skate Actually i think you can but i do not think you can ice skate on ponds. hope this helps you!

Who was the President that liked to ice skate?

Not that I know of, but Condolezza Rice did learn to ice skate.

How many people in California ice skate?

How many people ice skate in California

What is the most exciting sport in the Winter Olympics?

I think the most exciting sport is the figure skating. I like watching the couples ice skate.

Is skate a noun?

Yes, the word 'skate' is a noun, one of a pair of skates (ice or roller). A skate is also a type of ray, a saltwater fish. The word skate is also a verb (skate, skates, skating, skated).

What is the name of one of a pair of boots for walking across ice?


Can bears ice skate?

I find that quite amusing, but definitely no, bears can not ice skate. First of all, even if they were on ice, it would not be counted ice skating since the bear, obviously, would not be wearing the actual skating boot. Although in the winter you see ice skating bears in advertisments, those are definitely false.P.S. HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

Can a disabled person ice skate?

It would depend on the type of disability a person has as to whether or not they would be able to ice skate. With special equipment, a disabled person would be able to ice skate.