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Scuba diving equipment can be found at local scuba diving shop or alternatively at one of the scuba shops on the internet. Some internet sites are Joe Diver America and Scuba Gear Canada.

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Q: Where can one find scuba diving equipment?
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What scuba diving equipment does Mares sell?

Mares sells a wide range of scuba diving equipment that one would need when going on a scuba diving trip. Some equipment include jackets, fins, masks, snorkels as well as spear guns.

Where would one shop for diving fins?

You can purchase diving fans and other scuba equipment online at websites such as Scuba and Scubastore. You can also find them at some retail websites such as Amazon.

Where can one find scuba diving cameras?

Many scuba stores sell scuba diving cameras. Check a scuba gear stores in your area. This will allow you to compare cameras and get advise from fellow scuba divers.

Where can one purchase men's wristwatches for scuba diving?

The best place to purchase a men's wristwatch for scuba diving would be at a local sports or deep sea diving equipment store. Also, these watches can be bought from Amazon.

Where can one purchase scuba diving books?

Amazon has a vast selection of books about scuba diving. Among these are informational books about scuba diving, as well as stories about scuba diving experiences. Amazon is also likely to have the best price.

Does PADI offer scuba diving lessons?

Yes. The experts at PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) give scuba diving lessons. PADI is the number one diving training organization in the world.

Which watch is recommended for scuba diving?

The differences in pressure when one is scuba diving requires a more durable and quality watch. Companies such as Luminox and Citizen, make quality watches, specifically designed for the variables inherent in scuba diving.

Where can one purchase an underwater video camera?

Underwater video cameras can be purchased online at eBay, Amazon, Scuba, AIKO, SwimOutlet, Leisure Pro or at one's local scuba diving and swimming equipment and sports store.

Where can one purchase a scuba regulator online?

Scuba regulators, also called 'diving regulators', are vital for scuba divers to properly obtain oxygen from a tank. Regulators are available for purchase through diving specialty stores such as Prime Scuba, House of Scuba, and Divers Direct.

Where can one find more information about diving suits?

One could visit the PADI website to learn more about diving suits. The site is full of useful information on scuba diving. In fact, there is an entire page devoted to dry suit diving tips.

Is it safe to go SCUBA diving in the Bahamas during November?

Looks like it is most of the time. One thing to keep in mind is that November is still hurricane season, so if a hurricane is nearby, SCUBA diving is impossible. It is going to be as safe as any other time going SCUBA diving. One particular month does not make SCUBA diving dangerous. As long as your guide knows what their doing, you will be fine.

Why is Malta modern?

We have one of the best locations for scuba diving in Malta.

What are one of Jesse's fears in Bridge to Terabithia?

He hates scuba-diving

What are must have accessories for scuba diving?

There are many accessories which can be considered must haves for scuba diving. One should have a swimming suit, goggles and breathing apparatus in order to dive effectively.

What is the best season for scuba diving?

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Is scuba diving when the tanks are floating on top of the water if not what type of diving is it when the tanks float on top?

Its not really scuba diving but its considered scuba diving. Also known as the hookah system. its when you have a gas powered motor pumping fresh air to the person or person's diving below, there can be up to four people diving off of one hookah system. the benefit of this system is that there is no decompression time and you can be underwater pretty much all day if someone fills the gas tank on the engine pumping air. but you are kinda tied down to something so i don't think its true scuba diving.

How can one find scuba diving lessons in their area?

The best place to look would be in your yellow pages for "scuba instruction". Even if you don't live near the ocean, there are indoor, pool-based lessons.

Is scuba diving one word or two?


Where can one find free shipping on diving equipment?

You can find free shipping for a selection of diving equipment if you order form Divers Direct website. Also, for orders over $100 you can also get free shipping from Joe Diver America website.

Where can one go for a scuba diving vacation?

There are many places that offer scuba diving experiences most allow you to look at either underwater reefs or habitats that contain various different types of seallife. One example would be going with the Sandals company to the Caribbean which they claim is the most comprehensive scuba program.

What does Carlos from Big Time Rush like to do?

One of the things he likes to do is scuba diving :)

What is more dangerous scuba diving or downhill skiing?

All depends. Extreme of either one is very dangerous. Generally i would say scuba diving because there are so many things that could go wrong.

Where can one purchase diving regulators?

You can buy a diving regulator online at Divers Supply, Leisure Pro, Dive Right, and House of Scuba. You can also purchase a diving regulator on eBay and Amazon.

Where in Naples FL can one purchase a scuba mask?

There are a few shops in Naples, FL that offer to opportunity to purchase scuba equipment, one of them is The Naples Florida Scuba Dive Shop which offers everything you would need to scuba dive.

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