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A person looking for information about the Notre Dame Baseball games could check their website for more information. A person could also check sports magazines that may review the games.

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Q: Where can one find reviews about Notre Dame Baseball games?
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How many bowl games has Notre Dame lost?

As of the 2008 season, Notre Dame's bowl record is 13-15.

What town is Notre Dame in?

The University of Notre Dame is located in Notre Dame, IN. However, many people will refer to Notre Dame as being located in South Bend, IN but Notre Dame, IN is slightly more specific.

Where is the notre dame?

Notre Dame, IN

Who was the quarterback for Notre Dame in 1994?

Freshman Ron Powlus - he started 44 regular season games and 2 bowl games during his career (1994-1997) at Notre Dame.

Winningest baseball team in NCAA?

notre dame

How tall is notre dame in Paris?

Notre-Dame de Paris, also known as Notre-Dame Cathedral or simply Notre-Dame. It is 96 m

What or whom is the Notre Dame cathedral named after?

the Notre Dame cathedral is named after Notre Dame i.e. Our Lady

What town is the university of Notre Dame in?

The University of Notre Dame is located in Notre Dame, IN. However, the University will typically be referred to as being located in South Bend, IN but Notre Dame, IN is slightly more specific.

Can you take a backpack to Notre Dame football games?


Because of The Hunchback Of Notre Dame does the cathedral of Notre Dame have something to do with magic?

No. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is a work of fiction. While the Notre Dame cathedral is real, the events and people of the story are not. As such, the story does not indicate anything real about the nature of Notre Dame.

What is Alabama's record vs Notre Dame?

As of the start of the 2012 season, Alabama and Notre Dame have met six times, all between 1973-1987. In those games, Alabama has won once and Notre Dame has won five times. Notre Dame has outscored Alabama 112-86 in all meetings. 11/14/1987 Alabama 6 - Notre Dame 37 10/4/1986 Alabama 28 - Notre Dame 10 11/15/1980 Alabama 0 - Notre Dame 7 11/13/1976 Alabama 18 - Notre Dame 21 1/1/1975 (Orange Bowl) Alabama 11 - Notre Dame 13 12/31/1973 (Sugar Bowl) Alabama 23 - Notre Dame 24

Notre Dame in France?

There is the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, which is a college, and there is Notre Dame de Paris, a Catholic cathedral in France.

Why was Notre Dame?

Notre Dame was a gothic cathedral in France

What movie was the Notre Dame cathedral in?

The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

How many games did Lou Holts win at Notre Dame?

In eleven seasons, Lou Holtz's record at Notre Dame was 100-30-2. (76.5% winning percentage.)

Where is Notre Dame cathedral located?

Notre Dame simply means our lady, so there are many churches devoted to the Virgin Mary called Notre Dame (Notre Dame de Chartres, Notre Dame de Rouen, etc.). The most famous Notre Dame Cathedral (with the Hugo story and Disney movie and all) is located in center of Paris.

What are facts About Notre dame?

Notre Dame is french for "Our Lady" Notre dame took 80 years to build. 14 million people visit Notre dame every year. De Sully had notre Dame buit because of the expanding population. Notre Dame is in paris.

How old is Notre Dame Indiana?

The University of Notre Dame was founded in 1842 and created the town of Notre Dame, IN with a post office on campus

Where is it possible to get tickets for Notre Dame football?

You can buy tickets to Notre Dame football games online at websites such as StubHub, TicketCity, and TicketsNow. You can also find tickets on the UND website.

Has Alabama ever beat Notre Dame?

Notre Dame and Alabama have played a total of 6 times. Notre Dame won 5 and Alabama won once. Surprisingly Bear Bryant never beated Notre Dame with 4 tries. Notre Dame leads the scoring with 112-86.

Who will win Notre Dame or George Mason?

Notre Dame of course

What is the name of Notre Dame's football stadium?

Notre Dame Stadium

Does the Notre Dame's leprechaun have a name?

. Notre dame leprechaun. This is from their website.

Word for Notre Dame in Irish?

The university is "Ollscoil Notre Dame"

Where is the church of Notre Dame is situated?

Notre Dame is in Paris, France.