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Not all dates are set for ACC games, but here are the list of teams UVA will play in the 2011 season.


William and Mary (home) SEPT. 3

Indiana (away) SEPT. 10

Southern Miss (home) SEPT. 24

Idaho (home) OCT. 1


Duke (home)

NC State (home)

GT (home)

VT (home)

Maryland (away)

UNC (away)

FSU (away)

Miami (away)

Seems very familiar to the 2009 schedule

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If one is looking to attend a Virginia Tech football game a schedule can easily be located on the university's website. Tickets for the game can also be reserved.

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University of Virginia Cavaliers fans can check the schedule for UVA football games on the Virginia Sports website. You can also find the schedules for other UVA sports.

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Q: Where can one find hokie football schedules?
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