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You can find good quality Lacrosse sticks at a local sporting goods store or get them online at a sporting goods website such as Dick's Sporting Goods and Sports Unlimited.

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Q: Where can one find good quality lacrosse sticks?
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How do you know what lacrosse stick you should get?

Well, i would recommend an "Amonte lacrosse stick" you can find those at typical lacrosse stores..... But most lacrosse sticks are good so.... i would choose one with kind of a fit pocket.

Does height matter for lacrosse sticks?

No, Not at all usually most or all lacrosse sticks are about 30inches. I always say it's good to get a smaller one because its easier to get past an opponent.

What is a good lacrosse brand for lacrosse gear?

I find that the best brand is warrior

Where did lacrosse originate?

I'm pretty sure lacrosse originated in America. Native Americans played it with wooden sticks to have little battles and to have a good community sport for the native americans.

What types of fish are typically made into fish sticks?

Which fish is used usually depends on the quality of the fish sticks. Good fish sticks tend to be made out of cod while haddock is used for poor quality ones.

What would be a good lacrosse stick height for a 12 year old?

There are only 2 sizes of sticks in the sport of lacrosse, long poles and short poles. Long poles are generally used for defense and short sticks are generally used for offense. You will choose your stick length based on the position you play.

How much do used lacrosse sticks cost?

really good ones can cost up to $200 but you can get one for much cheaper, like $100

Is Nike a good lacrosse stick?

To be honest I didn't even know Nike made lacrosse sticks. if I were you I would stick to the good quality popular brands like STK, Brine, Harrow, Warrior, Maverick, etc. Nike has the backing of STX, who have engineered and marketed the Nike lacrosse line. The heads & handles are made by STX (many of the Nike handle patterns bear a strong resemblance to current STX handles). Nike product warranties go through STX. We like the heads & handles but are not sold on the protective gear.

Where to buy lacross sticks?

I buy most of my gear on or some other lacrosse websites such as,, or whatever you like that provies cheap and good stuff.

What sport is better between soccer and lacrosse?

They are both good altheltic sports it all depends on what you like. Soccer really just depends on your athletic ability. Lacrosse takes it to the next skill level with sticks, cradling, checking, passing and catching.

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Brazos Walking Sticks website has a large selection of high quality walking sticks and canes for sale. The Walking Cane website also has a significant amount of canes for sale.

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Are mozzarella sticks good for you?

Mozzarella sticks are good for you

Is flow society a good lacrosse company?

I think it is a good lacrosse company for clothing not for buying equipment. I think the best lacrosse company would probably be STX.

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What is the price range for a good cue stick?

There are many different types of cue sticks available on the market. Top quality sticks range in price from $250 to $750. A good cue stick that enables a player to perform at his best averages $300 in price.

Is a brine netfinder lacrosse stick a good lacrosse stick?


Where can someone purchase good lacrosse goals?

Lacrosse Monkey and Sports Authority both carry good lacrosse goals. Dicks Sporting Goods and the LAX lacrosse site also have many available, each at various prices.

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Are lacrosse shorts good for pool?

Lacrosse shorts are very baggy and will stick to your legs when they get wet, they will also get heavy and fall off leaving you butt naked. So no, lacrosse shorts are not good in a pool