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Gold Foil Mickey Mantle Cards

Thee Gold foil cards are more of a novelty than collectible. These gold cards made by companies like Promint typically sell for about $5. -$10. on eBay. The ProMint 22 Karat gold foil MVP card comes individually numbered on the back of the card and It comes in a Promint snap together holder for protection with a certificate of authenticity. The cards that have limited editions have no added value. Limited edition is a ploy to sell the cards. The number of collectors that are in the market for these cards is well bellow the number made keeping the value down.

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Q: Where can i sell a 23kt gold mickey mantle triple crown winner card?
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1956 Triple Crown SeasonThe 1956 season. Mickey Mantle won the Triple crown, batting .356 with 52 Home Runs, and 130 RBIs.

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Mickey Mantle of the Yankees. Mantle hit 52 home runs, had 130 RBIs, and a batting average of .353 to win the Triple Crown in 1956.

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What is the value of a stamped mickey mantle baseball? Its the 40th anniversary 1956 triple crown season.

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In 1956, Mickey Mantle won the Triple Crown and the MVP Award. He batted .353 with 52 home runs and 130 runs batted in.

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