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'the rock'

theme music

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โˆ™ 2007-10-14 18:50:25
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Q: Where can i download Wwe star the rock theme music?
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Where can you download WWE star the rock theme for free?

lime wire or a bit torrent

Where can you download WWE star the rock music mp3?

skull mp3 bruz

Rock song on ned's declassified school survival guideNot the theme but the music episode that says I don't want to be a loserI just want to be a rock star?

its definitely Everclear's Rock star i searched it for 3 hours and found it :P

What music was used at the start of Star Wars?

The Star Wars theme

Is Avril lavine a rock star?

Yes she is ( i think). Her music sounds like it is rock music. She dresses like a rock star she has streaks in her hair and lots of makeup on and she really looks like a rock star. So my answer would be yes.

What is the difference between a rock star and a pop star?

Rock stars sing rock and roll.Pop stars sing pop music.

Who wrote the theme music for star wars?

John Williams

Who wrote the Star Wars theme music?

John Williams

What is the theme music for 2009 World Series?

star wars

Who wrote the theme music for Star Trek voyager?

Jerry Goldsmith .

What kind of music is Star Wars theme song?

The genre is classical.

Why was blues music invented?

to make the a rock star

What is the best job in the music industry?

Rock Star.

Who sang the Star Trek theme music?

Loulie Jean Norman sang the wordless vocal which accompanies the theme of the original Star Trek.

What are the star wars theme tune for baritone?

you can go to any music store and ask for sheet music for the baritone or piano music.

Can your Sim be a rock star in The Sims 3?

You can become a rock star if you reach level 10 in the music career (rock branch). You can do it the fun way and earn promotions, or you can use the testingcheatsenabled true cheat and hold down shift and click on the mailbox, go to set career, music, rock branch, then rock star. When you are a rock star you can sign autographs once a week to earn money.

How do you download you tamagochi music star on music city?

Ypu have to go to the connection icon and select PC

What was John Williams most popular piece of music?

Star Wars Theme

What is the expensive pop band name?

rock star music

Who sang the music in the movie Rock Star?

teddy geiger

What music does all-star weekend play?


Is Nicki Minaj a rock star?

No, she performs rap music.

What are some popular theme parties for teenage boys?

I would suggest something like a rock and roll theme. You could ask every one that comes to dress up as thier favorite rock star and you could use rock and roll theme decorations.

Who is the composer for Star Wars?

The theme music and most if not all of the incidental music to all the Star Wars movies was written by John Williams. He also wrote the music for E.T. and JAWS among many others.

Where do you find piano sheet music for the Darth Vader theme from Star Wars?

You could probably go on eBay or to you music store.