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Try a home decorating store like Lowes or Home Depot. Or, search online.

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Q: Where can i buy veneer wood I am trying to make a skateboard?
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What is the difference between veneer and plywood?

Many Layers of Veneer make plywood. Veneer is solid wood and its only .020- .040 of an inch think.

How do you make a homemade skateboard?

With wood/fiberglass - Logan With wood/fiberglass - Logan

What minerals are in a skateboard?

a skateboard is maple wood and glue

Is veneer a softwood?

Veneer is a thin strip or layer of wood (which varies) glued to a lesser expensive wood or pressed board. Whether or not it is a soft wood depends on the wood variety used for the veneer and what it is glued to.

How do you make some thing to skateboard on?

If your going to make a skateboard you have to use any kind of wood that would be strong enough to pull a trick of. But what I have seen from a skateboard its made up from at least seven pieces of thin wood. It doesnt have to be the same kind of wood it could be all kinds wood.

Where can you get cheap wood veneer?

Plywood is essentially cheap veneer.

I am interested in the Ferris Queen Sized Bed and Nightstand set but is there a difference in durability between solid wood furniture and wood veneer products?

Solid wood furniture will be more durable than wood veneer, however, wood veneer offers excellent durability and ease of cleaning at a great price.

What raw materials make up a skateboard?

wood,metal,wheels,and the trucks

What the What is the word app answer with all the wood?


How do you clean wood veneer?

by washing it in the sink

What freight class is wood veneer?


Is chipwood not a real wood?

Chipwood or chipboard is made from real wood chippings compressed together with glue, it is often covered with a laminate (not real wood) or a real wood veneer to make it look good. It is real wood that is used to make it.