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Authentic NBA jerseys can be auctions online. Online, the best site to set up an auction for Sports Memorabilia is on eBay. Additionally, sites that specialize in sports memorabilia auctions include Grey Flannel Auctions and Bonhams 1793.

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Q: Where can authentic NBA jerseys be auctioned?
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Do NBA players wear twill or authentic jerseys?

they where authentic jerseys

Where could one go to order replica NBA jerseys?

You can find the best deals on authentic NBA jerseys at the NBA pro shop. The NBA pro shop can be found on their website and sometimes has deals on the authentic pro style jerseys worn in today's NBA.

Where can you find cheap authentic NBA jerseys?

the shops

Did NBA ever wear champion jerseys?

Absolutely. They were the official NBA jersey starting somewhere around 1992....and I think they stopped making authentic and replica NBA jerseys in 2002....if you can find an Authentic Champion Michael Jordan Wizards jersey it is worth well over $100, where the other makers of Wizards jerseys are very common

Where can a person find authentic NCAA basketball jerseys?

Authentic NCAA basketball jerseys can be found at retail sports outlets and online. The NBA has a retail outlet that sells authentic jerseys. To ensure the jersey is authentic and not a cheap copy, one should ensure that the names and numbers are sewn onto the jersey and not screen printed. An authentic jersey will only have the NBA logo sewn on the shoulder, it will not display a company name, like reebok or nike.

How much are the authentic NBA jerseys?

About 65-75 dollars but it depends on the type of jersey. Swingman jerseys can be about 55 dollars but authentic jerseys can be more, like 75 to over 100 dollars. but your average jersey is going to be around 65 dollars.

How much is an authentic Michael Jordan Bulls Jersey worn by him in the NBA finals worth?

game worn jerseys from "normal" players are anywhere from 500-1000. game worn Jordan would probably push 1500-2000, and game worn finals jersey? most likely double that.. you're lookin at about in the area of 5 grand

Are authentic NFL jerseys made in Korea?

Yes. All authentic NFL jerseys are imported.

What is a swingman basketball jersey?

Swingman jerseys are the next best thing to authentic jerseys. The player name and number are sewn on for durability, whereas the replica is printed. Swingman jerseys usually costs $70-$100. Swingman jerseys are also made with mesh and have tiny holes for air to flow through.

Do authentic baseball jerseys fit the same as replica jerseys?


Where are some good places online to buy authentic jerseys?

There are many places one could buy authentic sports jerseys. One could try stores like Amazon, eBay, or Walmart. One could also contact official sports organizations like the NBA or NFL.

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