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There are a number of online retailers that have regular sales on soccer socks. One can find such sales at 'SoccerGarage', 'World Soccer Shop' and 'Totally Soccer'.

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Q: Where can a person go to find regular sales on soccer socks?
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What does Cristiano Ronaldo put on his socks?

he cuts the bottom off around the ankle. Then he wears regular socks and tapes them to the sleeve of the soccer sock

How was the first soccer game ever?

At first a person got some socks. Then the person rolled up there socks. Then they made the socks in to a spherical shape. Then they started to kick this odd, shaped sock around. And that's how soccer got started.

What are those soccer socks called?

knee socks. the long socks are allegedly where the name "soccer" comes from.

What is the difference between baseball and soccer socks?

Baseball socks are thicker and harder to run in. (keeps you hot) Soccer socks makes you not hot.

What is the soccer unoform?

the soccer uniform is what you wear when you play soccer, exercise shorts/ soccer shorts,team jersey, soccer socks/ socks that come up to knees, shinguards(protect your shin), and cleats(soccer shoes)

What is the equiment for soccer?

You need shin guards, socks (long soccer socks to cover the shin guards), a T-shirt, shorts, soccer ball, and cleats.

What gear do soccer players use?

soccer ball, jersey,socks,

What do soccer players usually wear?

soccer jersey, soccer shorts, soccer socks, shinguards, and cleats.

What is difference between football and soccer socks?

You see soccer and football are the same thing, so the socks will be the same thing for both.

Does Fila sell licensed MLS soccer socks?

No, I am sorry, FILA does not appear to have any MLS licensed soccer socks for sale.

Where can I find thermal soccer socks?

You can find thermal socks at Walmart. Idk what thermal "Soccer socks" are though. Thermal socks should work just fine. If you can't find them... then buy feet warmers at Walmart.

What is the difference between regular socks and football socks?

The main difference between regular socks and football socks is that football socks are quite a bit longer. They usually come up as far as the knees and they are also thicker.

What are the requirements for soccer?

The requirements for soccer are long socks, chin guards, cleats, and if the chin guards feel uncomfortable, wear chin guard socks.

What is the difference between cycling socks and regular socks?

The difference between cycling socks and regular socks is that cycling socks are thinner and provide better protection for cycling shoes. They reduce the amount shoes take on odor and will last longer.

How are yoga socks different from regular socks?

Yoga socks are often found in funky colors and fun styles. They are very form fitting, however, they are comfortable enough to exercise in. Yoga socks are generally longer than regular socks.

What does a soccer player wear?

A soccer player wears the required uniform which consists of the jersey(shirt), the team shorts, and team socks. Underneath the socks are shinguards. You need to wear shingaurds because to protect you from getting kicked. And finally, spikes. If you wear regular gymshoes you will slip. Even if it is not wet.

What to bring to a soccer game?

- Your uniform - Soccer Socks - Cleets - Shin Guards - Water

Why should I use zensah compression socks>?

I think the zensah compression socks are the same as regular socks. They don't help performance or are any more comfortable to me. I would just get regular socks if they don't bother you.

What are the equipments for playing soccer?

Jersey/shirt, shorts, shin pads, socks, soccer cleats, and a soccer ball

Can you tape your shin gurads for soccer?

Yes you can, but it will be extremely uncomfortable if you tape them to your on to your legs (on your skin) under your soccer socks. Rather put the tape outside the socks.

Can you tape your shin guards in soccer?

Yes you can, but it will be extremely uncomfortable if you tape them to your on to your legs (on your skin) under your soccer socks. Rather put the tape outside the socks.

Where can I purchase soccer socks on-line?

Fun colored socks can be really fun to find. Many times if I'm looking for these soccer socks I would try Dicks sporting good stores online for good prices.

Did little orphan Annie wear knee socks with her red dress or regular socks?

I believe she wore bobby socks.

What are the soccer items?

cleats shin guards long socks soccer ball jersey goal net soccer field

Are knee high socks cool?

sure if your a soccer fairy