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Click on the '1984 Oregon roster' link below to see the players and coaches on that squad.

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Q: Where can a find a roster for the 1984 university of Oregon football team?
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What is the 1984 UH football roster?

The 1984 UH football roster stands for the 1984 team of the University of Houston Cougars and their football roster of players.

Where can you find the football roster for uc Berkeley for 1984?

Try contacting the University's athletic department.

What was the 1984 NY Giants roster?

The 1984 NY Giants roster can be found at

1984 UCLA football roster?

who was the ucla quarterbacks on the 1980's?

Where can i find 1984 nebraska cornhusker football roster?

You can probably find one on

Has an OSU college football team ever beat another OSU team?

If you mean 'OSU' as in Ohio State University, Oklahoma State University, and Oregon State University ...Through the 2008 season, Ohio State University has played two games (1989, 2004) against Oklahoma State University and won both and has played two games against Oregon State University (1974, 1984) and won both. Oklahoma State University and Oregon State University have not met in football.

Has the University of Florida football team ever had sanctions?

yes back in 1984 for both football and basketball

Who won the 1984 national championship in college football?

Brigham Young University

Who were the quarterbacks for the 1984 University of Kentucky Football team?

Bill Ransdell, Bill Allen

Who was on the 1984 Georgia bulldogs roster?


Who was on the 1984 University of Illinois football team?

Mike Heaven (DB), Chris Babyar (G), John Ayers (DB) were drafted in 1984.

What is the names of 1984 Florida gators football players what is the roster?

my father was a player in 1984 gators and i would love to see a picture of the team. I was, also. Amazing year. We KNEW we were the best team. What's his name? I was a WR.

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