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Super Stacker is free online game where the players stack shapes into piles. It be played online on any compatible device. The game is available on kongregate, addictinggamesonline and bigfishgames all which are online arcades for puzzle games as well.

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Q: Where can Super Stacker be played online?
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Where can you play super stacker 3 online?

There isn't a super stacker 3 yet

Where can one play the super stacker game online?

There are many places a person may play the Super Stacker game online. For instance, the website called Kongregate offers free play for Super Stacker. Other places a person may play Super Stacker online are Addicting Games, KIZI, and Games List.

Where can you find cheat codes for super stacker 2?

type in super stacker 2

What is the name of the stacker game online?

The name of the stacker game online is I believe to be is Super Stacker. Its very easy at first but then gets harder. It's still fun though! Here is the best selection on where to find it. Just copy and paste this address below. This is Super Stacker 2 but erase the 2 if you want the 1st one. Website Address: Hope you enjoyed this answer! THANK YOU!

Is ther a super stacker 3?

yes there will be in late 2010. what do YOU think of super stacker? please vote on

Is there cheats for Super Stacker 2?

no because you dont type in codes if you want to cheat play super stacker 1

Where can you play the arcade game stacker?

There are a lot of sites online that will let you play Stacker for free. A couple of options include the websites for: i-am-bored, king, and addicting games.

Is there a super stacker 3?

No, Not Yet anyway

Level 25 cheats for super stacker?

cheats for super stacker2 for level 24

How do you beat stack 17 on super stacker?

you just concentrate on it?

How do you beat level 30 in super stacker 2?

like this

Are there any cheat codes for super stacker 2?