Where can I get a Jill strap?

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Total Hockey offers one.

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Q: Where can I get a Jill strap?
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What is a Jill strap?

a jill strap protects the lower belly and pelvic bone.It is the equivalent of a male's cup. (jock strap)jock strap is A garment made of stretchy cotton intended primarily to embarass teenaged boys in gym class and secondarily to secure their wobbly bits from getting jostled

What is the syllable for strap?


What is the difference between an acoustic guitar strap and an electric strap?

There really isn't a difference. A guitar strap is a guitar strap.

What does Jill mean?

Jill means Jill

What are some styles of ankle strap sandals?

There are many different types of ankle strap sandals, like the evening ankle strap, the rhinestone ankle strap, flat ankle strap, Gucci ankle strap, and many more.

What is the plural strap?

Straps is the plural of strap

What bag is good for school?

Kindergarten- wheeler back packs 1st- 2 strap 2nd-2 strap 3rd-2 strap 4th-2 strap 5th-2 strap 6th- Book bag or 1 strap

What is a monk strap?

A monk strap is the nonfunctional strap at the ankle of a man's shoe overlaying the throat.

Where is the hobble strap located?

the hobble strap is located on the stirrup it is the strap that keeps it together at the bottom.....

What kind of rainbow sandals are cuter thick or thin strap?

thin strap. definitely thin strap.

What is Jill in spanish?


What is a strap to secure blanket on horse?

the strap that secures the winter blanket to a horse under the belly is of course called the belly strap! and the part behind the but and in front of the tail is the tail strap and the front were it hooks together is the closer strap or the buckle strap! Hope this helps!

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