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Click on the NO above the player numbers and it will put them in order by number

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Q: Where can I find the Dallas Cowboy's roster list?
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Where can you find a list of the Dallas Cowboys' all-time roster with their uniform numbers?

Try to get your hands on a copy of the 2011 Dallas Cowboys media guide, which is chock full of information on the team's history, past and present.

Where is there a list of all games between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers?


Who did the Dallas Cowboys defeat first ever?

The first ever win for the Dallas cowboys was in august 27,1960 against the new york giants and the cowboys won 14 to 3. you can read more info on the Dallas cowboys or any other American football team in the <a href=" ">alphabetical list of nfl teams</a> here

Who was the best rb for the Dallas Cowboys?

Emmit Smith.He is number 1 on the all time rushers list

Did cam newton's father ever play in the nfl?

I've seen that information on several sites but have found nothing to suggest that it is accurate. Neither Pro Football Reference nor the Dallas Cowboys Fan Site list Mr. Newton as having played in a game for the Cowboys or having been on their regular season roster.

Are the Pittsburgh Steelers the new America's Team?

No,There not,The Dallas cowboys are. The Pittsburgh steelers & Dallas cowboys share the same number of times appearing at the superbowl = 8. but the dallas ccowboys are ranked # 2 in sports francise all over the world. Steelers are not on that list.

What's are some reasonably priced hotels near the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium? has a list of hotels that are close to the stadium. The first six on the list are less than one mile away. You can do reservations through this site, or you can follow the link to the actual hotels for further information.

List the most winning NFL teams in Super Bowl history?

1. Pittsburgh Steelers 2. Dallas Cowboys

Who has worn 36 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Here's a list of the 7 people who have worn number 36 for the Dallas Cowboys in their history: Vince Albritton Dick Bielski Larry Brinson Dominique Ross Tarik Smith Tony Taylor Joe Williams

Where can you find a list of all Dallas Cowboy general managers?

You don't need a list. All you need to remember is that the Cowboys' first president and general manager was Tex Schramm, whose tenure ran from 1960 to 1989. Since 1989, the Cowboys' president and general manager has been the owner, Jerry Jones.

Where can one find a list of restaurants at the Galleria Dallas?

Any person can find a list of restaurants at the Galleria Dallas by going to the Galleria Dallas website and visiting the food court tab and then simply scrolling through the page.

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