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A lot of colleges never took the time to put old rosters online for whatever reason. About the only way is with old newspaper articles, or old programs from the games. Library/ Ebay etc.

This website lists the 100 man roster for the 1990-1991 Natl Champion team....

The roster on fanbase is neither accurate nor is it complete. There are a lot of omissions and people entered who weren't on the team.

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Q: Where can I find the 1990 Georgia Tech football roster?
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Looking for the 1990 georgia tech football roster?


Where can I find the 1990 Georgia Tech basketball roster?

Kenny Anderson, Dennis Scott, brian oliver

Why did Georgia Tech tie North Carolina in the 1990 football season?

Because there was no overtime in college football yet.

Who has shared a college football championship?

Georgia Tech and Colorado shared one in 1990.

Who was on Georgia tech 1990 basketball roster?

The Georgia Tech 1990 basketball roster consisted of Kenneth Anderson, Roderick A. Balanis, Jon Barry, Brian A. Domalik, Matthew A Geiger, Bryan M. Hill, Giuseppe Liantonio, Malcolm Mackey, James Munlyn, Ivano Newbill, Keith Tovey and Gregory S. White. The head coach for the season was Bobby Cremins.

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Georgia 21 Tech 14

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Georgia Tech Lorraine was created in 1990.

Did Georgia Tech share national championships with other teams in football?

If you are talking about 1990 then yes they shred it with Colorado

Where can one get information about the Clemson Georgia Tech?

You could find information about the Clemson Georgia Tech through WikipediA. They state that it is an American college football rivalry between the Clemson Tiger football team of Clemson University and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team of Georgia Tech.

How many national championships in football has Georgia Tech won?

Answer Georgia Tech has received 4 National Championships: 1917, 1928, 1952, and most recently in 1990. That is 2 more than UGA. ;P

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1972 Texas Tech Red Raiders football roster?

its available on Fanbase :

When was the last time 2 teams won the national football championship?

In 1990 Georgia Tech and Colorado shared the national championship.

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November 29, 2008: a 45-42 Georgia Tech victory in Athens

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1916 Cumberland vs. Georgia Tech football game Cumberland- 0 Georgia Tech- 222

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You can purchase Georgia Tech football tickets online at Ramblin Wreck the official Georgia Tech athletic site. You can also purchase them from ticket website such as Stub hub, Ticket City, and Excite.

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Jay Shoop is the current team physician for Georgia Tech football. He is also the team physician for the school's golf teams.

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The 1916 Cumberland vs. Georgia Tech football game was a college football game played on October 7, 1916, between the Georgia Tech Engineers and the Cumberland College Bulldogs. The game became the most lopsided in the history of college football, as Georgia Tech was victorious 222-0.

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The highest score achieved in a college football game was 222 to 0. It was played between Georgia Tech and the Cumberland Bulldogs in 1916. Georgia Tech was the victor.

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1912 Cumberland vs. Georgia tech game 222-0 Georgia tech