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If you do a search for a Babe Ruth signed Baseball, you will find plenty of photos of a Babe Ruth signature at many of the top auction houses. See Related Links below for a picture of a Babe Ruth autographed baseball. Google Images. Enter: Babe Ruth Autographed Baseball

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Q: Where can I find a picture of a Babe Ruth autographed baseball?
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How can you sell an autographed Babe Ruth baseball?

put it on e-bay

What is the value of an autographed Mrs Babe Ruth baseball?

1 million dollars......

What is an autographed babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig baseball bat worth?

200 dollars or more

What is this picture of Babe Ruth picture that is hand written on the back May 2nd 1930 Oriole Park and at the bottom in print is MLB 1910 and the picture of him is signing a baseball for some kids?

Yes I have a picther of babe ruth and also have his signiture

When was the date of production on the Babe Ruth candy redemption cards?

There were 6 cards producted numbered 1 through 6 you sent them in to the Babe Ruth Candy Company Cleveland Ohio and received an autographed baseball in return

What posision did Babe Ruth play?

Babe Ruth played picture and outfeider

Do you have a picture of Babe Ruth?

Click on the 'Babe Ruth Photos' link below to go to the Babe Ruth website and see photos of him.

What is the value of a baseball autographed by Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig and Dazzy Vance and Jess Petty?

It depends. How good is your Dad's handwriting?

What was Babe Ruth know for?

Babe Ruth was a baseball star.

What is the most expensive autographed baseball in history?

The most expensive autographed baseball in history was sold at an auction held on May 6, 2006 when a Joe DiMaggio Marilyn Monroe dual signed baseball sold for $191,200. Breaking the record of a Babe Ruth signed baseball in 2005. A Babe Ruth single signed baseball, the finest known Ruth-signed ball, graded 9.5 out of 10 by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) sold for $150,000 in 2005. Babe Ruth single signed baseballs in general sell for about $4,000.-$10,000. so this price is well above the market value.

What sport did Babe Ruth play?

Babe Ruth was a baseball player.

Babe Ruth played which sport?

Babe Ruth played baseball

What color is Babe Ruth's skin?

Babe Ruth, the famous baseball player, was white.

Did Babe Ruth play golf?

no babe Ruth played baseball

Is babe Ruth colored?

no babe ruth was the whitest cracker in baseball

When was the first Babe Ruth baseball card made?

The 1914 Babe Ruth baseball card, produced by the Baltimore Sun Newspaper was the first Babe Ruth card.

Do you have a colored picture of Babe Ruth?

Babe Ruth died in 1948. They didnt have colored pictures back then.

What was Babe Ruth's last words on the field?

Babe Ruth's last words on the baseball field are not known. Babe Ruth is a famous baseball player who played for the New York Yankees.

What is the value of an autographed picture of Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth?

A Lou Gehrig autographed photo would be in the $5,000. range. Babe Ruth signed a lot of autographs during his career, and although still one of the most highly sought after signatures sells a little lower at $3,500.+ In general a dual signed Babe Ruth, and Lou Gehrig photograph could be worth between $6,000. - $10,000. Condition of the photo, and clarity of the signatures will be a major factor in pricing, as well as getting the signatures authenticated. The composition of the photo could also effect the price. Add value for inscriptions. See a great example of a unique Babe Ruth, and Lou Gehrig dual signed baseball. I will leave a link on this page.

Babe Ruth was an American legend in which sport?

Babe Ruth was an American legend in baseball.

Who is better at baseball honus Wagner or Babe Ruth?

I think that almost everyone would say Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth, no doubt.

What is the value of a 1914 Babe Ruth Yankees baseball card?

1914 Babe Ruth Baseball cardA Babe Ruth 1914 Yankees card does not exist. Babe Ruth played for the Boston Red Sox in 1914. Babe Ruth did not play for the Yankees until 1920. Babe Ruth's rookie baseball card was produced by the Baltimore Sun Newspaper in 1914, and was the only Babe Ruth card issued that year. A Babe Ruth 1914 rookie card sold for $270,000 in 2008.

How much is a 1996 Babe Ruth baseball card?

There is no 1997 Babe Ruth card.

Why did Babe Ruth start playing baseball?

Supposedly Babe Ruth always loved to play baseball, so he tried out.

How much is a 1993 hoyle products Babe Ruth baseball card worth?

1993 babe Ruth baseball card