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1950's heavy weight boxers

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Q: Where can I find Golden Gloves Boxing records from the 1950's in Tyler Tx?
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Where is Harold carter-1950s boxer?

Theres a Harold Carter in 1979 that was killed (murdered) March, 16-17, 1979 in Cleveland, Ohio a Cleveland born, former Golden Gloves champion named 49th best light heavy weight in the world in 1971 by a boxing magazine. Survived by a wife Renee. Lived at 3550 E.112th st Cleveland.

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Nope,rubber gloves were invented a little later,in 1950s'

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They were not required to, but as a common practice, most did up to the late 1950s when it became mandatory to take the gloves with them when they left the field.

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Did the us army have a boxing team in the 1950's?

Yes, the US Army had a boxing team in the 1950s. The Army's boxing team was known for producing many successful boxers who eventually went on to compete at the national and international level. The team provided a platform for soldiers with boxing skills to showcase their talent and represent the Army in various competitions.