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Lowe's or Home Depot is a good start. You can go to their website and find out all the different brands that are available, as well as the prices for same.

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Q: Where can I buy a chipper shredder for sale?
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Chipper Shredder?

form_title=Chipper Shredder form_header=Chipper shredders make for faster yard cleanup by breaking down branches, leaves, and wood. Is the chipper shredder for personal or commercial use?*= () Commercial () Personal What kinds of yard debris will you be shredding?*= [] Twigs [] Branches [] Vines [] Leaves [] Other Are you looking to rent or purchase a chipper shredder?*= () Purchase () Rent

Where can I purchase chipper shredder online?

A chipper shredder can be purchased online at or The benefit of buying online is the ability to compare prices and features.

What is the difference between a chipper and a shredder?

A chipper chips things and a Shredder will shred things into pieces. Both are different type of machines and items. They are used for different purposes as well.

Where can I rent a chipper shredder?

YOu can go to your local yellow pages to find a local place to rent a chipper shredder or you can go here

Can a chipper/shredder do more than make mulch?

When using a chipper shredder it is important to choose the right make and model. In addition to making mulch, compost piles can be made. Here is an interesting thread to review prior to buying a chipper/shredder:

What HP is a McCullough pro-mac 8000i chipper shredder?


Where should I list a chipper/shredder for sale?

When you want to sell a product you should list it in your local newspaper and also on the internet. There are many different popular websites designed for selling merchandise that many people use to buy new and used goods.

What if your used troy bilt chipper shredder doesn't seem to work very well It has a difficult time chipping I smell the wood burning and the shredder doesn't shred very well Is it fixable?

You need new chipper blades

Where do you go to find the owners manual for wood chipper shredder model 987.799840?

Try contacting the manufacturer.

Chipper Shredder Greens The Garden?

Keeping the garden green includes regular mulching. A chipper shredder turns home plant waste such as fallen branches and shrub clippings into mulch. A chipper shredder is also good for converting fall leaves into fuel for spring plants. With a chipper shredder on hand, yard maintenance should become easier. Homeowners can be sure their own mulch is free of pesticides and other chemiocals sometimes found in bagged mulch. Mulch can be used to maintain moisture in flower beds and eventually will turn to good soil. Those who compost may want to mix the garden shreds in for a richer endproduct.

What was the original price of a yardman 5.5 HP chipper shredder vacuum?

The best price for a Yard man 5.5 HP chipper, shredder & Vacuum, considering cost of engine, metal formed box, and pther accessories it may be about $450.00 +/- 5%. This is based upon my own experience.

How do you start a hard drive shredder business?

Buy an industrial shredder.