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If one is interested in purchasing 7 ft pool online it is worth visiting specialized websites such as pooltablesonline. Also these tables are available in Tesco online store.

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2013-04-19 00:18:17
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Q: Where can 7ft pool tables be bought online?
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Are Sears Sport-Craft pool tables slate?

Depends on the make it is. Mine is a 7ft and is not slate.

How big is an official pool table?

"Official" is the keyword in your question. The sanctioning body of the tournament, tour, league, etc., determines what the official equipment dimensions are. The professional pool tournaments one sees on TV are most often played on 4.5ft by 9ft tables and most pool leagues are played on 3.5ft by 7ft tables. In addition to that, there are many tours in which the professional and amateur alike compete that use 4ft by 8ft tables and/or 3.5ft by 7ft tables.

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