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ITF dictates use of shock absorber in a tennis racket. It can only be placed below the bottom cross string or above the top cross string.

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Q: Where are you allowed to put a shock absorber on a tennis racquet?
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How do you put shock absorber on tennis racquet?

To put a shock absorber on a tennis racquet, you need to separate the two strings you want to put it in between, get one side of the absorber in there, and then use your strength to get the other side to go into the other string. It takes patience, and sometimes a little bit of time if you are not very good at it.

What is the disk on tennis racket strings?

It's a shock absorber.

Which is the best tennis shock absorber?

I've tried them all and the best tennis shock absorber is the band variety, especiallly those manufactured by otz sports. It also produced a fantastic sound at ball strike.

Shock Absorber?

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How do you put a shock absorber on a tennis racket?

All you have to do to put the shock absorber on a tennis racket is to fasten the absorber between the two middle strings at the bottom of the racket head. Place one slit into the left string and the other slit into the right string and push it up until it starts to hit the horizontal string.

Does Rafael nadal have a shock absorber?

Rafa does play with a shock absorber.

What is your bone shock absorber?

The shock absorber between bones is called cartilage.

What's a shock absorber?

A shock absorber is a device that absorbs vibration on a vehicle.

Do all tennis racquets come with shock dampeners?

Since not all players use shock dampeners, not all tennis racquet manufacturers place them on the racquet, though some will put one or two in a small bag attached to new racquets, so that the player may decide whether or not to use it.

What is the main shock absorber in the human body?

the main shock absorber is the knee.(but this is just a guess)

Does the Casio watch have a built-in shock absorber?

Yes, the casio watch has a built in shock absorber.

Where can one buy a shock absorber sports bra?

One can buy a shock absorber sports bra on the official shock absorber website. One can also get shock absorber bras from different brands such as Victoria's Secret Pink, Lululemon, and Sears.

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