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The toilet

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Q: Where are visitor cheerleaders at ASU Sun Devil stadium?
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What is the asu mascot?

The ASU mascot is Spark the Sun Devil.

What is asus mascot?

The ASU mascot is Spark the Sun Devil.

Why do the Arizona Cardinals play at the University of Arizona?

They don't....they play at the University of Phoenix stadium Correction. The Cards have never played at the University of Arizona. UofA (wildcats) is in Tucson. Arizona State University, located in Tempe, play in Sun Devil Stadium (ASU Sun Devils)

Where can you get the asu softball shirts with sparkys face on the front and the words asu softball on the back... I saw asu fans wearing them at the college world series?

I got mine at walmart in tempe... the asu stadium once had some...kohls...and jc pennies!!!! I'm a huge fan!!! I have tons of shirts!!!!!

Why is ASU awesome?


Is ASU awesome?


ASU and U of A?

asu of course

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You have to be very dum.

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One of the reasons why ASU is better than U of A is because there is a lot more things around ASU. Also, ASU has better sports teams. Although U of A is kown for their academics.