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Q: Where are the shaded seats at coors field?
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What do the purple seats mean at Coors Field?

The purple row of seats in the upper deck at Coors Field, Denver, Colorado, marks exactly 1 mile (5,280 feet) above sea level.

Purple seats in Coors Field signify?

Being one mile above sea level

When was Coors Field created?

Coors Field was created in 1995.

Where is Coors Field located?

Coors Field2001 Blake StreetDenver, Colorado 80204

How many bricks in Coors field?


Does coors field have wifi?

no not free, staff only

What direction does coors field face in Denver Colorado?


What is the name of the Colorado Rockies Baseball stadium?

Coors Field

Is the Colorado coors field grass or artificial turf?

Real grass

What was the name for the Colorado avalanche's stadium?

pepsi centre

What is the name of the stadium that the Colorado Rockies call their home field?

The stadium is called Coors Field and is located in Denver, Colorado. It is named after the Coors Brewing Company and was opened in April 1995 and has a capacity of 50,480.

What is the evevation of Denver Colorado?

Denver is a Mile High 5280 feet above sea level. It is marked on the west steps of the capital building, and by a row of purple seats in Coors Field where the Colorado Rockies Baseball Team Plays.