Where are the male gonads held and why?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: Where are the male gonads held and why?
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What hormone is produced in male gonads?

The hormone that is produced in the male gonads is testosterone.

What organ are responsible for gametogenesis?

Gametogenesis takes place in the gonads. The male gonads are the testes, and the female gonads are the ovaries.

What are the gonads in a perch?

The gonads of any male animal are the structures that produce the sperm.

What is the difference between Gonads and Testes?

Gonads is a more general word, and gender neutral. Testes are the male gonads, while the ovaries are the female gonads.

What are the gonads on a grasshopper?

The reproductive system of a grasshopper contains the gonads. The gonads are ducts that allow the sperm to pass through the male and into the female.

Where does spermatogensesis occur?

In the male gonads the testes.

Where are testosterones produced?

The male gonads, the testes.

What do the male gonads produce?


What is the medical term meaning male gonads?

A testis (plural testes) is a male gonad.

The production of motile gametes takes place in?

The production of motile gametes takes place in the gonads, which are the reproductive organs of animals. In males, sperm cells are produced in the testes, while in females, egg cells are produced in the ovaries. The process of producing gametes is called gametogenesis and involves specialized cell divisions to create cells with half the normal number of chromosomes.

Where does the production of motile gametes takes place?

male gonads

What are male and female gonads in pigs?

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