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right near the battery in a little black box i think theres only one

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โˆ™ 2011-08-06 12:50:10
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Q: Where are the fuses on a Yamaha gas powered G2 golf cart?
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What is a controller box on a 2000 Yamaha golf cart?

what is a controller box on a 2000 yamaha electric golf cart

Where are the fuses in a ezgo golf cart?

is there any fuses and where are they located on an ezgo electric golf cart. 90s model

What year is your Yamaha G5 golf cart?


Does a g2 Yamaha golf cart have a oil filter?


How wide is a Yamaha golf cart?

how wide how long

How do you make a solar powered golf cart?

buy a golf cart and put a solar panel on tp of it.

How do you check the differential oil on a golf cart?

How to check oil in rear diff on yamaha golf cart electric

How do you convert an electric golf cart into a gas powered cart?

Get a gas powered motor and connect where electric one was.

Where can one order parts for a Yamaha golf cart?

Yamaha golf cart parts can be ordered directly from and Buggies Unlimited. They can also be ordered directly from Yamaha as they have parts available for all their products.

What size engine is in a g14 Yamaha golf cart?


What size engine is in a Yamaha g22 golf cart?

it is 357cc

What type of oil for a Yamaha G22 golf cart?


How do you tell the year of a Yamaha golf cart?

You must determine the "g" number model of the cart

What is the year for a Yamaha golf cart with vin JF2400671?

Contact manufacturer.

Who makes the best gas golf cart?

Yamaha....hands down!

Yamaha g1 golf cart with a 2 stroke engine How can you disconnect the governor?

How to remove and line up a flyway on G1 golf cart

Why does Yamaha gas cart backfire when slowing down?

The reason eight Yamaha golf cart may backfire when slowing down, is the air to fuel mixture needs adjustment. The golf cart is getting too much. Fuel.

What size engine is in a Yamaha g1 golf cart?

The engine in 78 to 89 G-1 golf cart is 215 cc two stroke

How much oil does a Yamaha g 9 golf cart take?


What size engine is in a Yamaha G16 golf cart?

301cc 10 hp

Does a golf cart have a title the same as a car?

If Yamaha is considered a car title...

Say you put an alternator on the back wheels of golf cart and as the front wheels are spinning it is producing electricity to power the golf cart why doesnt the golf cart stay powered by the alternato?

Because not enough current is produced by this means to continue to drive the golf cart.

What will cause gas and oil in my Yamaha golf cart?

There are a couple of reasons for gas in the oil of a Yamaha golf cart. Most likely, it is a stuck float in the carburetor. It could also be caused by a tear in a fuel pump diaphragm.

How do you increase speed on Yamaha golf cart?

Need to see a picture on how to adjust the governor

What is the gap between the coil and flywheel on a Yamaha G16 golf cart?

.012" to .020"