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Q: Where are the Cheerleading Worlds?
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Cheerleading competition in Disney World this week?

The Cheerleading Worlds

Who won overall cheerleading worlds 2011?

Who's cheerleading. It's not actually important

Is cheerleading in countries other than America?

Yes! Cheerleading is across the world! The Cheerleading Worlds showcases all teams across the world.

How many cheerleading teams were at worlds 2011?

There wereabout 45 teams at worlds in 2011.

What is the worlds laziest sport?

Cheerleading is the most laziest sports in the world

When is cheerleading worlds 2012?

I feal really bad for you because this year cheerleading worlds was in april and that was a few months ago maybe if you look it up on youtube you could find it there......

When is the cheerleading worlds 2012?

I think Apiril 25-30

Which country is best at cheerleading?

This is a opinion question, but the Cheerleading Worlds showcase teams from around the country, the USA teams get 1st place

When is the 2010 Cheerleading worlds?

April 22-26 2010 in Disney

What are the best cheerleading virtual worlds?

I know 2.( and

What date will the 2013 cheerleading worlds be held on?

April 27-28. I'll be there!! :)

Who won cheerleading worlds 2010?

The won is the Maryland Twisters Reign Athletics

What channel can you watch al lstar cheerleading?

ESPN has Worlds on it, but its only a few times.

Does ESPN think that cheerleading is a sport?

Im going to go with YES. They show things that they believe are sports. ESPN also shows The Cheerleading Worlds.

Is competitive cheerleading a sport?

Yes, competitive cheerleading is a sport. All-Star cheerleaders incorporate high levels or stunting and tumbling into 2:30 routines which they take to competitions all over the country, leading to the Cheerleading Worlds

How many times has senior elite won the cheerleading worlds?

2 times. in 2010, and 2012.

Is cheerleading a professional sport?

Though many don't consider it one, yes, cheerleading is a professional sport- NFL football teams have cheerleaders. Also, there are many levels of competition in cheerleading- there's a Worlds competition for all-star cheerleaders and a Nationals competition for highschool cheerleaders.

Who won cheerleading worlds 2009?

probablllyyy top gun but that's just a guess i didnt see it this year

When does the cheerleading worlds take place?


How many cheer teams go to the Cheerleading Worlds?

It depends. Not just any team can go. You have to receive a bid from a national competition giving out world bids. It is only open to level 5 teams. Throughout the years more and more teams have been going to the cheerleading worlds but no set amount has been determined.

Is cheerlaeding harder than gymnastics?

No cheerleading is way harder and you learn many diffrent skills that involves cheering,dancing, tumbling and stunts. Gymnastic invovles Vault, Beam, and Floor and in cheerleading compettions worlds and many more :) PS: GO GREENSBORO ALL-STAR CHEERLEADING!

Do you have any cheerleading teams?

i am on the Sacramento royal all stars. the junior team is going to worlds so you can see that the royals are good

How much does it cost to get into the 2010 cheerleading worlds?

To compete you must have a bid. To watch its usually between 20-30 dollars.

Is cheerleading one word or two?

Cheerleading, one word.

How can you be a professional cheerleader?

There are maany jobs that are proffeinal and include cheerleading such as- *Become a competitive cheerleading couch *Become a cheerleading judge at competisions *Couch cheerleading squads at high schools *If you are really good, there are very amazing teams that are started in college and they compete in worlds and that is considered "professional" and you may earn a lot of money *and many many more