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Q: Where are some good videos of Wilma Rudolph?
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What are some struggles Wilma Rudolph faced?


Did any of Wilma Rudolph children play sports?

Yes, some did.

Can you get some information on Wilma Rudolph?

Yes, you can even write a question in google and google will answer it.

Were all of Wilma Rudolph's siblings biological?

Yes, but some of them were half-siblings because her father married twice.

How old was Wilma Rudolph when she took her brace off?

when at church some year

Was Wilma Rudolph a Christian?

yes she was a christain and she went to chruch every sunday some times she couldnt because she had champion ships

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What were some of Wilma Rudolph's accomplishments?

She was the first African American to run track in the Olympics, got over polio as a child, and won gold Olympic medals

How many brothers and sisters did Wilma Rudolph have?

Different articles give different numbers of siblings. The most reliable articles say that Wilma was the 20th out of 22 children, meaning she had 21 siblings. Other articles say there were 19 children in the family and Wilma was 17th, with 18 siblings. So far, there is no listing of the specific number of brothers and sisters. Wilma's father, Ed, had two wives. According to some sites, there were 11 children by the first wife and 8 (including Wilma) by the second wife.

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