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Q: Where are ruby McCollum's children now?
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What is the correct answer for the sentence The children of Tom and Ruby presents or The children of Tom and Ruby present?

"Children present."

Ruby bridges favorite thing to do?

Wats Ruby Bridges children names

How many children did ruby have?

She has 4 Children. 4 son's and no daughters

What are the undertakers children names?

Sharon and Ruby

Does Ruby Bridges have any girl children?


Ruby bridges children?

She has 4 sons

What is ruby bridges last name now?

Ruby Bridges' madden name is Bridges. Now, her last name is Barnette.

What is Ruby Dee currently doing?

"what is ruby dee doing right now"

Where can one find Max and Ruby videos?

Max & Ruby is a Nickelodeon television show for children. Videos of Max & Ruby can be found on Nickelodeon's children's website, Nick Jr. The videos can also be found on Amazon.

What is ruby's children name's?

Ruby Bridges was the first black person to attend an all-white school.She had four sons. Their names are Sean, Craig, Christopher, and Claiug.

How do you get the ruby on Pokemon?

i don't now

Where is ruby bridges now?

in heaven!