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6th, est in 1871

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Q: Where are reading football club in the list of oldest clubs in the football league?
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Which football club was founded in 1888?

In 1888, The Football League was founded. This competition league features professional men's clubs from England and Wales. It is the oldest competition of it's kind in world football.

Who are the 5 oldest press clubs in the world?

The five oldest football clubs still playing to this day in league football are: Notts County (founded 1862), Stoke City (some time between 1863-1868), Nottingham Forest (1865), Sheffield Wednesday (1867), and Chesterfield (1867).

What is the Barclays Premier League?

Barclays Premier League is an English football league for football clubs. It is for professionals. The league is currently sponsored by the Barclay Bank.

Where can someone find information on English Premier League Table?

The Premier League is an English professional league for men's football clubs. There are 20 clubs contesting in this league. There is a Barclays Premier Football League Table on the website called "PremierLeague".

Where can one find a list of football clubs in England?

One can find a list of football clubs in England by using the website Wkipedia. The website presents a list of football clubs that play in the top ten levels of the English football league. Most of the clubs are directly in England, however some are located outside of England and operate in the English football league.

Oldest football teams in England?

I believe Sheffield United are the oldest football club in the world. no they are not . sheffield Wednesday are older but the oldest football club is sheffield fc. there are many clubs older than sheff united.

What 2 league football clubs are in stoke?

Stoke and Port Vale.

How many football clubs play in the scottish premier league?


Doe's fifa 09 have the football league clubs?

Yes there are alot of lower league teams

When did Champions League Football start?

The Champions League Football started in 1955 as European Champions Clubs' Cup. In 1992 was renamed as Union of European Football Associations Champions League.

When was rangers football clubs first champions league?

Glasgow Rangers have never won the Champions League.

Which English city has football league clubs called rovers and city?


What type of sport is the Premier League in?

The premier League is in the top of the English football league system. Its a proffessional league for assosiation football clubs. Or for some of us it is better known as soccer.

What football clubs are available in Monaco?

There are 64 football clubs in Monaco. On of the most popular team from Monaco is AS Monaco, winner of UEFA Champions League in 1992 and 2004. Other clubs are: CTM, IM2S Football Team, Poste, and others.

Football clubs begin with a?

The Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons are teams in the National Football League. They begin with the letter A.

How many football league teams are there in Manchester?

There are two football clubs in Manchester; Manchester United and Manchester City.

Are there any Football league clubs whose name you cant color in?

Hull city

Which place in Britain has the shortest distance between 2 football league clubs?


Who are the 5 oldest clubs in the football leauge?

the original football league had 12 clubs: Accrington(1876), Aston Villa (1874), Blackburn Rovers (1875), Bolton Wanderers (1874), Burnley (1882), Derby County (1884), Everton (1878), Notts County (1862), Preston North End (1881), Stoke F.C.(1863), West Bromwich Albion (1878) and Wolverhampton Wanderers (1877). so the 5 oldest league clubs are: Notts County Stoke F.C. Aston Villa Bolton Wanderers Blackburn Rovers some people exclude Stoke FC who changed to Stoke City in 1922. the next oldest league club would then be Wolverhampton Wanderers, NOT Accrington, which was a different club entirely to Accrington Stanley. The oldest football club in the world still playing Association football is Sheffield FC, formed in 1857 and now playing in the Northern Premier League.

What are the names of all the English league football teams?

The English football clubs taking part in the champion league are Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpooland Manchester United.

What year did Scottish premier league start?

The Scottish Premier League started in 1998 when it separated from the Scottish Football League. The two clubs rejoined in 2013 to form the Scottish Professional Football League.

Who are the 5 oldest clubs in the football league?

Notts. County 1862, Stoke City 1863, Nottingham Forest 1865, Chesterfield 1866, Sheff. Wed 1867. Although FA and FIFA recognise Sheffield FC as oldest club in world, 1857.

Which team is known as the Magpies in football?

The Port Adelaide Magpies Football Club plays in the South Australian National Football League. Since its founding in 1870, it has won 36 premierships. So it's ka one of the most successful, and one of the oldest, Australian rules football clubs today.

Which non league football clubs ground is named st jame's park?

Exeter City.

What are the 13 football club in england?

There are infact 92 league clubs in england, more then 100 professional clubs and many more amateur sides.