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Actually the correct name is "Clube de Regatas do Flamengo" (Flamengo Rowing Club). Despite the fact that it does not have "football" in its name, this is a Brazilian football club from Rio de Janeiro.

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'Flamengo' is a Brazillian football club based in Rio de Janerio. They play in Brazil's national league and has never been relegated to the second division.

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Q: Where are flamengo footballl club from?
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When was Sport Club Flamengo created?

Sport Club Flamengo was created in 1914.

What club was Ronaldinho on in 2011?


What club team does Ronhaldino play for?

He plays for Flamengo

For what club does Frickson Erazo play?

As of June 2014, Frickson Erazo plays for Flamengo, a club in Brazil.

Who is the top club team in Brazil?

1.Sao Paulo 2. Flamengo 3. Santos

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As of January 2011 he is currently playing for football club Flamengo in Brasil.

Which is the ronaldhino club in FIFA 12?

Ronaldinho plays for a Brazilian team in the Liga do Brazil called Flamengo.

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It is the Brazilian club Flamingo.

When was Flamengo Basketball created?

Flamengo Basketball was created in 1895.

Who has the most football club supporters in the world?

Club de Regatas FLAMENGO From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Supporters: around 35 million (19% of brazillians)

When was Esporte Clube Flamengo created?

Flamengo Esporte Clube was created on 1979-08-08.