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Tickets for the Pro Bowl, traditionally held in Hawaii, one week after the Super Bowl, are much sought after. They can be purchased at Select-A-Ticket, Ticket Master or Showtime Tickets.

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Q: Where are Pro Bowl tickets available for purchase?
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How much for pro bowl tickets?

According to my research, a pro bowl ticket costs about 150 to 200 dollars.

Where can one purchase an authentic Pro Bowl jersey?

One can purchase Pro Bowl jerseys on the official NFL website. There are several offers to sell them on eBay however many are fakes and the prices are too low to be the genuine article.

When will the 2010 Pro Bowl be played?

The 2010 Pro Bowl will be played on Sunday, one week prior to the Super Bowl in Miami. The game will be played at Dolphin Stadium and tickets can be purchased begining the week of 2/9/09 by calling 1-800-739-0339.

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When was the first year the pro bowl was played before the super bowl?

The 2010 Pro Bowl was the the first Pro Bowl held before the Super Bowl.

If the Pro Bowl is before the Super Bowl will that not cause potential injuries for the Super Bowl players?

Pro Bowl players on the two Super Bowl teams will not participate in the Pro Bowl.

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Does nfl players who were picked for pro bowl but not participate because they are in the Super Bowl still get paid for pro bowl?

Now that the Pro Bowl is played the week between the Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl, players on Super Bowl teams who make the Pro Bowl are considered Pro Bowlers and they do get paid.

Is the 2010 pro bowl in Miami going to be played the week before the super bowl?

Yes, the week before. This has been confirmed by *tickets go on sale the week of Feb 9th , 09

If a pro bowl player is in the Super Bowl does he get pro bowl pay?

no you have to not make the superbowl

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Who won the pro bowl?

In 2010, AFC won the Pro Bowl.

What channel is the pro bowl on nel is the pro bowl on?

channel 8

Where will 2013 pro bowl be held?

The 2013 pro bowl will be at Hawaii

When is the pro bowl?

the pro bowl is on feb 8th 2009 at 4:30pm In 2010 the pro bowl will be played on Jan. 31

Does a Super Bowl player have to go to the pro bowl if elected?

No. Now that the Pro Bowl is being played the week before the Super Bowl, any player selected for the Pro Bowl that is playing in the Super Bowl will be replaced.

When will pro bowl be played in 2011?

the pro bowl will be on January 30, 2011.

How much do pro bowl team owners earn for the pro bowl?

500,000 $

Does a super bowl player that is picked for the pro bowl but doesn't go still collect pro bowl money?


How are the coaches selected for the pro bowl?

The coaches of the division champions that did not go to the Super Bowl are selected for the Pro Bowl.

When was the last time a non pro bowl quarterback went to the Super Bowl?

That was Super Bowl XLII. Eli Manning of the Giants was not selected to the Pro Bowl. Prior to that it was Super Bowl XLI when Rex Grossman of the Chicago Bears was not selected to the Pro Bowl.

What the difference between Pro Bowl and All Pro?

An all-pro is a player who is determined to be the best at their position as voted on by a selected panel of sports writers.A pro-bowl player is a player who appears in the pro bowl at the end of the season. To determine the pro-bowl roster there are three sets of voters each set of voters gets an equal say in the pro-bowl roster. The three sets of voters are: the fans, the players, and the coaches.