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Look at the manufacturers website. email them if necessary.

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Q: Where are Galvin Green Swedish Goretex Golf Waterproofs manufactured in Portugal How can I contact them address or telephone?
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What sportswear is made of Goretex?

most sports wear is made form goretex e.g cyclist outfits.

What are waterproof fabrics?


How many british people were injured in world war 1?

What you will want to get is either Goretex, or a brand that features breathability. Goretex clothing is a bit expensive, but will definitely dry quickly.

How do you remove ink marks from a goretex jacket?

you rub your poo on it

What is the advantage of the membrane used in GORETEX material?

Chicken nugget and cheese

Is that any material that let the air pass through but should be waterproof?


What is waterproof and breathable goretex made from?

It's made from a porous form of PTFE - a form of Teflon.

Is there a patent on Gore-Tex 2 in 1 technology?

The fact that Goretex has a recognisable name is proof that it is a patent granted techology

Is it true rapper Goretex had to legally change his name after being sued by insulation company Gore-tex?

He didn't "legally" have to change his name,he just stopped using the stage name "Goretex". He now is referred to as "Gore Elohim" or "Supercoven". Supercoven is the name of his record label as well,anyways,he'll always be Reverend Gore.

What type of material is Goretex?

Gore-Tex is a type of material which is similar to (rip-stop)nylon but only more water and air resistant.

Is it true that Gore-Tex as a liner in winter may develop mold or ice build-up between layers?

Older versions (circa 1070's?) of GoreTex(tm) had bonding problems between the layers and ice and mold build-up was considered a possble problem. Nowadays, this problem is beieved to have been overcome. Note however that mold forming on the surface of GoreTex can damage it.

Where can one purchase Goretex jackets?

One can purchase Goretex jackets at many outdoor stores such as Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's. One can also purchase Goretex jackets where ski jackets and equipment are sold.