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I know a few Go.rdan Banks , Sir Bobby Charlton, Terry Butcher

But ... Terry Butcher was not part of the 1966 World Cup squad - he would have been only 7 years old at the time! Butcher played for England in the 1982, 1986 and 1990 World Cups.

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Eswards and bobby Moore have died Bobby Charlton comes for Manchester United matches, and terry Butcher is a coach of a club in Scotland, Geoff Hurst is in in england, Gordan Banks lost a eye in a car crash.

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It might have been 16.

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Q: Where are England's 1966 world cup team now?
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Has englands soccer team won the world cup twice?

No. England only won once, in 1966.

What is englands record in World Cup finals?

Yes England won the world cup in 1966.

Was englands world cup finals 1966 official?


Who was englands third choice goalkeeper in the 1966 world cup?

Gordon Smith

What is the Largest UK tv audience?

Englands win in 1966 World Cup Final

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What year was englands only victory of a world cup title while hosting?

England won their only world cup in the year 1966.

How many from englands world cup winning team have been knighted?

Sir Bobby Charlton and Sir Geooff Hurst are currently the only two pmemnber's of England's 1966 World Cup Winning Team to have been knighted.

How many titles has englands football team ever won?

1 world cup

What score was it in the final of the world cup in 1966?

The match ended 3-2 in Englands favour over Germany.

How was England victory in 1966 remembered?

It was remembered even today, as it was Englands first and only world cup ever.

What are Englands sports?

England have a Rugby Union Team that have won the world cup once in 2003. The team have had a few ups and downs since then but are doing quite well at the moment. England also have a football/soccer team that have won the world cup once in 1966. We also have a cricket team but I am not sure about trophies etc. they have won.