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Meadford New Jersey.. The same place Phillie Franks are made.

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Q: Where are Dodger Dogs available?
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When was Dodger Dogs to Fenway Franks created?

Dodger Dogs to Fenway Franks was created in 1988.

What company makes the foot long buns for dodger dogs?

Hostess makes a 10" Hot Dog Bun. Which is what is used for dodger dogs.

Where can you buy Dodger Dogs in Southern California?

Drive your car at a dog, if it dodges it, take it home.

Why are Dodger Dogs 5 dollars each?

Who knows it is a rip off!!!! They are good but they are not good enough to be like 5 bucks!!

Is there an equivalent of renalzin for dogs?

Renalzin is available in UK and Europe since 2008 and it is also available for dogs. Don't know if it is available in the US

Who is better Oliver or The Artful Dodger?

The Artful Dodger

Where do the Dodger's play?

Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA

When was Artful Dodger created?

Artful Dodger was created in 1838.

When was Roger the Dodger created?

Roger the Dodger was created in 1953.

When did Dodger Whysall die?

Dodger Whysall died in 1930.

When was Dodger Whysall born?

Dodger Whysall was born in 1887.

When was Dodger Stadium created?

Dodger Stadium was created in 1962.

Was Bill Clinton a draft dodger?

Yes, He is a draft dodger.

Where can you buy a dodger jersey with the red number in front?

dodger stadium

What actors and actresses appeared in Roger Dodger 1999 - 1999?

The cast of Roger Dodger 1999 - 1999 includes: Steve Cosmic as Roger Dodger

Who is the only dodger player to hit the ball out of dodger stadium?

Mike piazza

Why are the dodger named he dodger?

from the fans who used to dodge trollys in new york

What dodger hit the first home run in dodger stadium?

Benny the Jet

What is the nickname for dodger stadium?

Dodger stadium is also known as "Chavez Ravine".

What is dodger slang for?

Old school messenger boy in NYC. Trolley dodger.

When was Escape of the Artful Dodger created?

Escape of the Artful Dodger was created in 2001.

When was Draft Dodger Rag created?

Draft Dodger Rag was created in 1964.

Why do dogs eat horse poo?

Dogs eat everything. Horse poo is available.

Where is dodger stadium?

Dodger Stadium is in Los Angeles, CA. On Elysian Park Ave.

How many parking spaces are there at Dodger Stadium?

there are 16000 parking spaces at dodger's stadium

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