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I don't know about a detailed seating plan, but you can get a good idea if you go on to It gives you options to buy tickets for different matches, just click on 'buy', that takes you through to a page and in the top right corner is a map you can enlarge it by clicking on it and then up pops a plan of the Bridge.

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Q: Where are ALL of the places where home fans can sit at Stamford Bridge?
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Which team has their home ground named Stamford Bridge?

The team that has their home ground named Stamford Bridge is Chelsea in England.

Where does Chelsea football club play at home?

Chelsea currently play their home games at Stamford Bridge. Address ; Fulham Road, London, SW6 1HS.

Where do Chelsea play there home games?

Their football stadium is called Stamford Bridge. It is located in the Fulham area of London.

Stamford Bridge is the Home Ground of which football club?

Chelsea FC

How many locations does Chelsea FC have?

Chelsea FC only has one location, and it is in Fulham, at Stamford Bridge. When they play away they are elsewhere but their home field is Stamford Bridge.

What colour uniform does Chelsea football club put on at home?

Chelsea Football Club wears a dark blue at home (Stamford Bridge).

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Back in the shed means something has been taken from the shed and put back in.Back to the Shed was a campaign in 2007 with the aim of restoring the atmosphere at home matches to the way it was in the past at Stamford Bridge.

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