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The first Olympic game was held in Rome a long time ago and it is different from today because they played with no clothes on, they were naked.

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Q: Where and when were the first Olympics games held how is it different from today?
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How are the Olympics of today different from the ancient Olympics?

First no one is nude. All were nude in the first Olympic Games. Next, it was only Greece and not the world. Third, it was only track games, and the award was laurel leaves crown not the the medals given today.

When was the first winter olympic games held?

The first Winter Olympic games were held in 1924. Today they are held every four years, alternating with the Summer Olympics.

What ancient games did the Greeks create that we still celebrate today?


How are the ancient Greeks Olympics different form the modern Olympics of today?

Many of the sports that are in today weren`t included and some were eliminated today like pankration for example.

Who was the first person to win the Olympics?

The ancient Olympics athletes names are not known to us today.

Identify six way in which the ancient olympic games were different from the Olympics as you know them today?

well ill give u quys a clud one way was dat girls wer not allowed to qo in to c the olympics

Who invented the Olympics you play today?

Greece invented the Olympics games.the Olympics games was organized to honor Zeus.

What are the ancient Olympics games?

They were competitions held between states within ancient Greece similar to today's Olympic Games. Click on the 'Ancient Olympics' below to learn more about them.

What team sport has been part of the Olympic games longer than any other sport?

The longest running team sport in today's Olympics is water polo which was first played at the 1900 Games in Paris and has been played at every Summer Olympics since then.

How has the ancient Olympics influnced the modern Olympics?

I Think That The Impact Is That If There Were No Modern Olympics There Would Be No Modern Olympics. Also, The Games From The Ancient Olympics Are In The Modern Olympics Today .. ! One Other Thing Is That EveryOne Still Talks About The Ancient Olympics Today And Its Just Soo Big Every Single Place Around The World .... ! .. <3 -Marissa

When did women weight lifting enter the Olympics?

Women's weight lifting appeared in the Olympics for the first time in Sydney, Australia in the year 2000. Today there are 7 different weight classes for female Olympian weightlifters. -James-

Were and when were the first Olympics?

today In 776 BC in Olympia, Greece.

How many ancient Olympics was held?

Well, considering that the very first ancient Olympics began in 776 BC and ended in AD 394, that would mean the ancient Olympics were attended every four years (like today's Olympics) until 1170 years had passed. If these games went uninterrupted over that period of time, then there should have been around/exactly 292 ancient Olympic games held.

How was the ancient Olympics different from today?

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What are the most famous olympic games today?

The 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany, aka the "Hitler Olympics", should be considered. With World War II looming and many countries considering a boycott of the Olympics, these Olympics had many storylines. Top that off with Jesse Owens winning 4 gold medals and disproving Hitler's claim of Aryan supremacy, then these may be the most famous Olympic Games. There are also the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles that were the first-ever Olympic Games to see an overall profit. The 1984 Games in LA ended with a surplus of almost $250 million, which is unheard-of when talking about cities that have hosted the Olympics in the past.

Which nation leads the parade in the Olympics in the 1928?

The 1928 Summer Games were the first in which the opening ceremony saw Greece enter the stadium first and the host country, The Netherlands, enter last. This became tradition that is continued today.

Why were there Winter Olympics in 1992 and 1994?

A decision was made in 1986 that the winter and summer Olympics would no longer be during the same year. This is why today the winter and summer Olympics are two years apart. Therefore, this is why there were winter Olympics in 1992 and 1994. It was due to the change in years for the Olympics. The Winter Olympic Games are much smaller and much less expensive to produce than the Summer Games, which is why there was a "bonus" Winter Olympics in 1994. The last time the Olympic games were held in the same year was 1992: Winter Games in Albertville, France and Summer Games in Barcelona, Spain.

Why are the Olympics called panhellenic games?

The Olympics were actually only one part of the Panhellenic games. In ancient Greece, the Panhellenic games were a series of four competitions: The Olympic Games, The Pythian Games, The Nemean Games, and the Isthmian Games. Each set of games honored one of the Greek gods. The Olympic Games is the oldest of the four games, and the one that still exists today.

Why do you think today's Olympics are held in different places?

The Olympics are moved from city to city on two year cycles with four years between each set of summer and winter games. They are designed to be a celebration of sports and a coming together of people without political or national agendas. They are held in different locations to help foster this sentiment.

Why does Greece walk out first in the olympic games?

Because they are the countries that came up with the Original Olympics. Pierre De Coubertin thought it would a be a good way to honor them. That tradition is still alive today, except when Greece host the Olympics, it which that case they enter last.

Is the Olympics Sexsist?

yes because the woman were not allowed to participate and even watch the olympic games unlike today

How do the ancient Greece Olympics still influence today?

The Olympics. :)

What kind of games are played in the olympics?

The very first Olympic games were held in 776BC and were regarded as a religious festival. Today, there are many games that take place with some being: Volleyball, Marathon, Wrestling, Water Polo, Swimming, Softball, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, among others.

In which year did the ancient olympic ganmes were created?

The Olympic games were first held in Greece around 776B.C. in honor of Zeus. note that these were not at all like the ones today. In fact, at first the Olympics was only 1 day!

What is the purpose of the Olympics today?

What is the purpos of.olimpics today

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