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Q: Where and When does the Winter's Tale take place?
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What time does The Tale of Despereaux take place?


Is Mopsa in the winters tale posh and fancy?

No, quite the reverse.

What were 2 of Williams shakespearse romances?

The Tempest The winters tale

What is the name of the daughter of Leontes and Hermione in The Winters' Tale?


Where and when does The Tale Of Despereaux take place?

It takes place in the Medival Times and takes place in the castle

Where did Tale of Two City's take place?

Paris and London

Where did Peter Pan tale take place?

Neverland---of course!!

What is the shakespeare play beginning with AWT?

A Winters Tale

In The Tale of Two Cities where does most of the story take place?


Exit pursued by a bear what shakespeare play is it from?

Winters Tale III iii

In dawsons creek when does jen and jack kiss?

They kiss in season 4, A Winters Tale

Which 1982 Christmas hit by david Essex shared its title with a shakespeare play?

Winters Tale