Where Carlos Beltran lives in PR?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Beltran has a home in Manati, Puerto Rico.

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he lives in port Washington NY 11050

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Q: Where Carlos Beltran lives in PR?
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What is the birth name of Carlos P Beltran?

Carlos P Beltran's birth name is Carlos Daniel Perez Beltran.

Where was cardinals player Carlos Beltran born 2?

Carlos Beltran

Does Carlos beltran have any children?

No. Carlos Beltran is married though.

How tall is Carlos Beltran?

MLB player Carlos Beltran is 6'-01''.

What nicknames does Carlos P Beltran go by?

Carlos P Beltran goes by Gordo.

When was baseball player Carlos Beltran born?

Carlos Beltran was born April 24, 1977.

Does Carlos Beltran throw right or left?

MLB player Carlos Beltran throws right.

How much does Carlos Beltran weigh?

MLB player Carlos Beltran weighs 210 pounds.

Where was Carlos Beltran born?

MLB player Carlos Beltran was born in Manati, Puerto Rico.

Should you drop Carlos Beltran and pickup Travis Snider?

Probably not, since Carlos Beltran is a superstar.

What is Carlos Beltran's number on the New York Yankees?

Carlos Beltran is number 36 on the New York Yankees.

Is carlos beltran related to Ryan beltran?

yes. he is his great uncle