Where is the best powder snow in Japan?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The best powder snow in Japan typically falls in the prefectures of Niigata and Nagano. People often think Niseko which is in Hokkaido snows the most in Japan but very few people know that the Myoko area in Niigata has some of the highest snowfall on average around the world at about 18m annually. Lotte Arai which is in the Myoko area is one of the snowiest places in Niigata was also rated the best ski resort in Japan in 2020. Seki Onsen and Lotte Arai have a incredible base of over 5m. Akakura Kanko resort is also a very famous resort that is my personal favorite due to its powder quality and terrain.

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Probably December or January, if Japan gets snow in those months like the U.S.

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Nagano, or Hokaido.

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Q: Where is the best powder snow in Japan?
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