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Q: Where's the audio clip for the fog horn played after a goal is scored?
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What is an audio clip library?

An audio clip is a piece of a song . You can divide the clip using windows movie maker I have absolutely no idea.

How do you bleep yourself out on a mac?

Download (or create) an audio clip of a 'Bleep'. Add it to the audio track on the clip portion you wish to bleep yourself out on.

How do you pronounce Guqin?

I was wondering the same. I came across an audio clip of the exact pronunciation, on Wikitionary. Below 'Pronunciation' is the audio clip.

Why do you need more computer memory to store videoclip than anaudioclip?

Because a video clip contains far more 'information' than an audio clip. Video contains sound AND picture, if you will, while audio is only sound. There is probably four to five times more data in a video clip than a similary timed audio clip.

What do podcasts enable you to do?

A podcast is a clip of audio or video content that is broadcasted over the internet using compressed audio and video files such as MP3s and MP4s.

Can you extract music from an audio. leaving the audio with no music?

No, you can't Because the audio clip is one. The rwo sounds have been put into the same file.

How do you remove the sound on a video clip?

You can take the video clip into a video editing program, select the audio by clicking on the audio track in the timeline, then delete it, or you can turn the volume of the audio track all the way down. You can then export the video or render it out. If you are just working with one clip, or don't want sound on any of your clips, you can also decide to export/render the video out without any audio at all (audio should be one of the render options).

How come you can only stretch your audio clip to 3 min when you want it to stretch to 20 min when using windows movie maker?

You can't stretch an audio clip to any length other than it actually is.

What is a clip in video editing software?

A small piece of recorded video of audio.

What does mp2 stand for?

MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2 (movie clip)

How can the file size of an audio clip be calculated?

If you know the bits per second of the audio clip, then simply multiply that by the length of the audio clip. If you do not know the bits per second, and the file is uncompressed, then you will have to take the sampling frequency (generally 44.1KHz), multiply it by the size of each sample, multiply by the number of channels and then finally multiply by the length of the audio clip. For example, a 1 second wav file with the default attributes of a 44.1KHz sampling frequency, 16 bit samples and 2 audio channels (stereo) will be 44100 * 16 * 2 * 1 = ~1.4 megabits = ~176 KB = ~172 KiB

How do you change the audio format from wma to mp3 on a movie clip?

You can change the file name extension (format) with an Audio Converter. Free audio converters are available online. Simply Google: free audio converters.