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It varies for each person - sometimes breasts and nipples, sometimes just nipples and sometimes just breasts

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2008-01-18 17:35:43
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Q: When your pregnant does your whole breast hurt or just your nipple M y nipples are very sore but breasts are fine?
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Can a woman be pregnant even she dont have a nipple on her breast?

Yes, you can get pregnant even if you don't have nipples.

I have white nipple discharge sometimes goose-bumps around the skin of my breasts and tender breasts and I am 13 Is it breast cancer?

sounds like your pregnant...

Does touching the breast in the center of the nipple mean breast tenderness?

The nipple is nipple tenderness. Breasts tenderness is usually when touching any part of your breast..apart from your nipple...causes tenderness.

Why is their nipples on breasts?

Without nipples, how could a child drink wonderful, delicious parent cream from your skin? Or musically, it's silly to have a drum to play (Breast) but no bell to ring. (Nipple),David Wesson. :)

Is all inverted nipple can cause breast cancer?

Inverted nipples do not cause breast cancer.

Is a dog pregnant if it has milk in her nipples?

No my dog had milk in her nipple but she was not pregnant it was a fake pregnant

How do you get puffy nipples?

could be pregnant Sometime nipple inflamation or soreness of the breasts are caused by PMS or pre-menstrual syndrome honny, it comes along with puberty

Can you squeeze milk out your breast while pregnant?

Once your breasts fill with milk, the nipple can be squeezed to expell the liquid. Also while pregnant the breasts can leak something called colostrum which is what the baby eats when it is first born.

What are some common early symptoms of breast cancer?

Some of the earliest symptoms of breast cancer include itching near the nipple area, discoloring of nipples, bruising on the breasts that won't go away, and swelling of the breasts. If you have any of these symptoms it is recommended to see a doctor immediately.

Can you get scabies on your nipples?

Yes. It is more common in women. It can be around the breast, areola, or nipple.

Do all girls have big nipples?

No and there is no relationship between breast and nipple size either

Are sore breasts and nipples always a sign of pregnancy?

Not always no. It can be a sign of nipple irritation or infection.

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