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well one half of rice and another half of chicken would be good because half plus half equals 1 pound

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Q: When your looking to get more energy A pound of chicken or a pound of rice?
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What weighs more a pound of chicken or a pound of feathers?

Both weigh the same - a pound!

What harbors more energy a pound of bread or a pound of butter?

a pound of butter does.

Which has more protein one pound of beef or one pound of chicken?

This contributor is going to conjecture that more of the chicken is protein, simply because more of the beef is fat. That's just one person's opinion. I could be wrong.

Does a pot or a penny have more thermal energy?

Chicken butt

Why do you get more energy when you eat a vegetable salad than when you eat a serving of fried chicken?

You dont, you get more fat/calories from fried chicken than vegetable, and therefore more energy, so if you have a low activity life style you wont burn that extra calories your getting from eating the chicken over the vegetable salad and your body stores this energy as fat.

Which food would provide more energy a pound of fat or pound of sugar?

energy of 1lb of sugar = 1712 Cal sorry but i cannot find the energy provided by fat. Can someone please add it if you know it.

Why is a pound of bacon more expensive than a pound of corn?

It takes a lot more energy, water, labour to produce a pound of meat than a pound of corn. It takes pounds of corn and water to feed just one pig.

How does an Octopus use its energy?

By cruising around in the water looking for more food (energy).

What was the price of chicken per pound in 1969?

Variable according to chicken part and to organic seller is a way to describe the price of organic chickens per pound. For example, boneless, skinless organic chicken breasts cost almost 50 percent more per pound than organic whole chickens. An article published by Mitch Lipka Thursday, July 7, 2014, in Reuterslists organic chicken at $2.69 per pound from Trader Joe's and $4.99 from Fresh Direct and boneless, skinless organic chicken breasts at $8.99 through Whole Foods and more than $10.00 with upscale butcher shops.

How many eggs equal a pound in a pound cake?

Well many eggs are needed It depends what eggs they are If they are chicken eggs then you will need more than if they were goose eggs So that's your answer xD

How long do you bake a stuffed 5 pound chicken?

Chicken 15 minutes to the pound + 15 minutes @ Gas mark 5 or 6. 375/400 Always check that the meat is cooked by inserting a skewer or knife into the thickest part of the bird, until the juices run clear of any discolouration

Why do you get more energy when you eat vegetable sald than you eat an equivalent serving of fried chicken?

We get more energy because the amount of available energy received by the consumers decreases as the consumer is situated farther from theproducer