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it is called a connection

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Q: When you put a skill and a jump together in gymnastics?
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What are all the types of games in common wealth?

there is swiming, running, shot put, disscus, gymnastics, whiet lifting, diving, badmington, tennis, squash,high jump, javlin, long jump,net ball, rugby, cycling...

Term use in gymnastic?

There are many, many, MANY terms used in gymnastics. I have been doing gymnastics for about 8 years and my coaches say so many different things, that it is difficult to keep up with each word and its meaning. Nobody knows how many skills exist in gymnastics because people today will put two skills together and they will have a brand new skill with a brand new name, then, they will put THAT new skill with another skill, and guess what? You have another new skill. The list of gymnastics skills are endless. But anyhow, by "terms" you could have meant terms coaches use to improve skills. You might hear "stay tight" or "stick it" or "heel drive" a lot of times. Stay tight means to flex every muscle in your body to make your trick or flip look pretty. Stick it means to end your skill, even if you fell down. If you stick it, even with a fall, the judges will increase your score. It makes you look happy and confident and that's what judges want. There are a lot of skills, terms, and just stuff in gymnastics. The best way to learn all of these things, is try gymnastics. It's an extreme but fun sport and it keeps you fit and motivated. I love gymnastics because of the challenge, and for all the terms! :) :) :) :) :)

How do you get special medals in strike force heroes 2?

Put tesla coil on spring jump on base, very easy. Must have Effiiency passive skill.

How do you roundoff?

Start off with a cartwheel but when your legs are in mid air put them together and come down with your feet together and end with a little jump.

How do you put Skill in a sentence?

My SKILL is drawing.

Can you put two blades together on a skill saw?

Sounds dangerous. There are special slotting saws, that look like skill saws, that are designed to take more than one blade. A regular skill saw is designed to take one blade.

What is the layout you should use when putting a gymnastics floor together?

plywood and mats if for non experienced gymnasts use springs under mats after the mats put carpet

Who is Simba Chanimbravic?

The best player in the world I think he's around sixteen but has surpassed Messi and Ronaldo's level of skill put together

How long does it take to put storage shelves together?

The time it takes to put storage shelves together will vary by skill and complexity of the shelving unit, however it will take about 2 hours on average for a pair of people who don't do it regularly to get it done.

Where do you find the decllaration at in poptropica?

Go to 1387AD. Go as far right as it will let you. Jump onto the ramp and walk up. Go left and jump over the snake. Keep going left and jump on top of the other building. Jump to the tree and on top of the next building. Jump over the other snake and keep going left. Jump up to the platform. Jump onto the other platform. Jump over the stone tower. Jump down and go into the Timbuktu inn. Talk to the guy on the second floor. He tells you he'll give you one of his documents if you put his painting back together. After you put his painting back together, he gives you the declaration.

How did gymnastics get in the Olympics?

i think just from being a popular sport and that practicly every college has gymnastics that they had put it in th olympics! :]

Why did shawn johnson do gymnastics?

Her parents first put her in gymnastics because they thought it would be a good outlet for all her energy!