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Q: When you make a chishi do you leave it in the container you make it in?
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What is the word lethal when translated from English to Japanese?

致死 Chishi

What can you do to a reed to make it mold?

you can leave very wet and soggy without putting it back in the container but be sure not to leave it in your clarinet or it will grow mold.

Can turtles die if you leave it in a big container?

You can leave it in a big container if you like,but it has to be in water.and a big container is allright but must have water and must be good anof 4 the turtle to swim around in.

How do you make clay hard?

if you let it dry or cook it it will become hard or if you leave it in the sun in a clear plastic container that will also do the trick

Should you bury bearded dragon eggs in the container?

no, leave them how they are

How should you handle leftover hot food after a meal?

Put It In A Plastic Container, Leave The Lid Open Till Its Cooled Down Then Close It And Put It In The Fridge. :)) But Make Sure You Dont Leave It In There For To Long.

How do you make cookies moist again after a couple of days?

Put the cookies in an air tight container and add a slice of apple. Leave it overnight, and this should do it.

Will helium take the shape of its container?

Of course. What a strange question! It implies that helium may be able to keep in a shape that is not the same as its container and thefore leave a vacuum in parts of the container.

Can you freeze milk?

Yes. Make sure that you leave some room in the jug or container for the milk to expand as it freezes. I recommend shaking it thoroughly after defrosting again.

Can you freeze broccoli cheese soup?

Yes, of course you can. Place it in an air tight container. Make sure you leave room for the liquid to expand during freezing.

How do you get 4 cups of water if you have 5 cups and 3 cups?

If you have a container that hold 5 cups and another that holds 3 cups, you can get 4 cups by filling the 5 cup container full, and then using it to fill the 3 cup container. This will leave 2 cups in the 5 cups container. Empty the 3 cup container, and then pour the remaining 2 cups into it. Refill the 5 cup container, and then pour 1 cup out of it, filling the 3 cup container. This will leave you with 4 cups in the 5 cup container.

How do you make a container for dog food?

Use a ice-cream container and seal it

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