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If you get a piece back by moving a pawn to the enemy's side it would originally take the place of the pawn, yet some people play (with modified rules) that the piece is taken back to the person's own side (the person that got across the board with the pawn). In professional Chess (such as tournaments) plays in the way that if a pawn is to cross to the enemy's side, that pawn becomes a queen.

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2010-07-02 03:33:57
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Q: When you get a piece back where does it go in chess?
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Is it only the pawn in chess that can get another piece back not any other piece?


Can a chess piece bring back another piece when it gets to ther end of the board?

The pawn can be promoted to any chess piece upon the board with the exception of the King .

When a new piece comes back in chess in does it go again?

Yes. this prevents the returned piece from being taken again on the same turn as it was returned to the board.

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Where is the density of a Chess piece

In chess when your pawn crosses the chess board do you get your queen back?

You can choose what piece you would like back. Most people choose their queen.

Can you win a piece back in chess?

No, it is impossible to win back a piece in chess. It is only possible to "promote" your pawn to either a Queen, Rook, Knight or Bishop when it reaches the other end of the board.

In chess when a pawn crosses the chess board do you get your queen back when its out?

A pawn promotion is not 'getting back' a piece that was lost, it is simply gaining a new piece. You can have a second Queen even if you still have your first.

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The kings Indian is a chess opening not a chess piece

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It depends on the chess set that you have and which piece you are looking at.

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