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Because with each bounce it loses energy.

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Q: When you drop a ball why does it bounce lower and lower?
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How do you bounce ball?

you drop it.

Does a frozen bouncy ball bounce higher or lower then an unfrozen bouncy ball?

a frozen bouncy ball will not bounce higher or lower than an unfrozen one it will shatter

How does the drop height of the ball affect the height of its bounce?


How does a surface effect how high a tennis ball will bounce?

if it is rough it will bounce lower and it is smooth it will bounce higher

How many times will a ball bounce?

It depends what height you drop the ball and what surface the ball is being dropped on.

Which ball will bounce first a bouncy ball or a golf ball?

Since the rate of acceleration due to gravity is equal for all objects, the ball you drop first will most likely bounce first.

Will different heights affect the bounce of the ball?

The height you drop the ball from will affect the bounce height this is because as the drop height increases so does the bounce height it is all to do with energy transfers. Also the waste energy is the sound and heat energy hope this helps.

Does drop-height affect how many times a bouncy ball will bounce?


If you drop a ball on the floor why does it bounce back up?

because it has some kind of stuff in it to make it bounce back up

Do deflated balls bounce well?

No. The less air pressure in the ball, the lower the ball bounces.

What is middle ball?

it just like volley ball but the ball can bounce once and the net is lower. its lots of fun.

Why is the first bounce of the ball the highestand subsequent bounces get lower?

Energy (internal friction) losses at each bounce.