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No but they give you added buoyancy.

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Q: When you dive into the water do the bubbles carry you to the surface?
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How do you dive in faunasphere?

You have to have the special ability "Dive and Grab" to be able to dive. If you have the ability, go to water and search for bubbles. Once you find bubbles, scroll over them and see if they are red. If they are red, they are not ready yet. If they are green and have an arrow over them, they are ready for you to dive on them.

How does a submarine dive under water from the surface?

Submarines dive by opening vent valves that allow sea water to push air out of their ballast tanks.

How is pressure used in the control of a submarine's ability to dive?

The process of a submarine to move from the surface of the ocean to a position underneath the surface is called a dive. This is accomplished by allowing water to fill the tanks of the submarine, the heavy water pressure now inside the vessel now will force it to sink below the surface, thus a "dive".

How much deep can a crocodile dive?

Crocodiles don't generally dive, the slide into the water from a bank and swim close to the surface to break for air.

Why is it that when diving in a lake the deeper the dive the cooler the water?

Its farther from the surface where the sun reflects.

Why do you exhale before you do a surface dive in a lake or in a swimming?

Removing the air from your lungs makes you less bouyant and allows you to sink faster. I never exhale when doing a surface dive so I can swim down deeper, if you do the surface dive properly by throwing your legs high out of the water you will sink fast enough.

How do you recover capn's saltys lost lobster trap on big nate island?

Dive into the water, and go all the way to the bottom left. Go to it, and it will be saved in your inventory. Swim to the surface as fast as possible. Try to catch a lift on the air bubbles. Bring it to the Captain.

Do poisonous snakes swim on top of the water?

All snakes swim and few snakes dive, some of the most venomous snakes in the world however dive below the water and swim there as opposed to on the surface.

How do i dive on Zelda Ocarina of tme i press 'a' and just return to the surface again?

To dive push and hold "a". You return to the surface either when you let go of "a", reach your maximum dive depth or when you reach the bottom. The starting maximum dive depth is 3 seconds. To increase your maximum dive depth go to the zora's domain and play the diving game as a child. If you succeed then you will gain the silver scale which allows you to dive for 6 seconds. When you become an adult go to the fishing game and get a fish that weighs at least 15 lbs and he will give you a golden scale, allowing you to dive for 9 seconds.

What are you supposed to be looking for in the water on big nate island?

When you dive off Puffin Point, you are looking for Cap'n Salty's lost lobster trap. It is the wooden device at the far bottom right. (You can swim to the right before you dive to avoid all the bubbles.)

How do you dive on mythology island?

Use the starfish to enter the realm of Poseidon. After you past Aphrodite's test, go into the water and dive where the watery circle is. In the maze, stay along the top, then right, then bottom. The bubbles should provide you a good supply of oxygen.

How long can eagles stay under water?

Eagles don't dive in water. The species that do hunt fish do so at the surface. They might get a dunking, but that's it.