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kinda, yea SEE YOUR DOCTOR, NOW!

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Q: When you cant touch your toes does that mean something is wrong?
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What does it mean when a boy says can i touch your melons?

it means i cant touch your boobs

What does not eligible mean?

Not Eligible means you cant qualify for something, you cant do something.

What does cant touch this by mc hammer mean?

it's a song.

What does tangible and intangible mean?

Intangible means something you can't touch, and Tangible means something you can touch.

If there is something in your way what does that mean?

It means you cant do something and well something is standing in your way!

What does mean goes wrong?

If something goes wrong, this might mean that it could produce problems. If a problem comes from something that went wrong, this can be bad news for many people.

How do you get a game from your i-touch on to your I-pod touch?

idk what an i touch is so i cant answer that if u mean how do u get games you go on itunes and download them on to your ipod using the cord

What does out-with mean in German?

it means that you cant pronounce something

What does it mean when he says i cant answer that?

hes lying about something

What does it mean if a car is not running?

that something is wrong with it

What does moral is down mean?

something is wrong with you

What does the comment FAIL mean?

FAIL mean-when you want to do something and you cant do it that mean you failed it)