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depends on your definition of "smallest" depends on your definition of "smallest"

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Q: When you're examining a piston's diameter where on the piston would you find the smallest diameter?
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Will L2256 pistons fit a 305?

A 305 chevy engine has a bore diameter of 3.736". Check the diameter of your L2256 piston to see if it is that size.

Will 327 pistons fit in a 350?

A 327 and a 350 share the same bore diameter (4.00"), but the stroke of the crankshaft is different. If you put 327 pistons on a 350 crankshaft it would put the piston 1/4" out of the hole at TDC.

What is piston diameter?

A piston is a plunger, or a plug that moves inside a cube, a cylinder. The piston diameter is the diameter of this plunger/plug. It's a tiny bit smaller than the diameter of the cylinder the piston moves in.

What are bent engine pistons?

A bent engine piston is a reference to the piston rod. The piston cannot be bent, but the piston rod can be bent.

How many pistons in a v8 engine?

An engine has one piston for each cylinder, so a V8 will have eight pistons.An engine has one piston for each cylinder, so a V8 will have eight pistons.

What is piston displacement in a motor?

It is measured in cubic inches, cubic centermeters, or liters. It is the area of the bore of the piston and the stroke of the piston. In other words how big that hole the pistons resides in when the piston is all the way down. You multiply that by the number of pistons in the engine.

What vehicle has pistons?

All vehicles with piston engines.

What is the minimum number of piston rings?

one ring per piston, the pistons have a groove in it where the ring fits on.

How do you remove piston rods from the pistons on a Mitsubishi Lancer?

a press

What is the difference between a sticky piston and a piston in minecraft?

In all editions of Minecraft, pistons can push blocks, however, sticky pistons are able to push blocks too, but pull them back as well.

What are piston?

pistons are flat on top. then as you go down the sides you will pass several grooves. below that are the piston skirts. they are basically just the sides of the piston

Are flat top pistons better then dome top pistons?

dome top piston is better than flat top piston. the higher the volume of dome the higher the compression they gave. hamiltonblanza(phil)