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Q: When writing a last name first do you put the Jr at the end of the last name or the first name Smith Jr Ben or Smith Ben Jr?
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How do you write dr. when writing last name?

Put the degree after the last name and before the first name. Example: Smith, M.D., James. Or Smith, Ph.D., James.

When writing last name first how does jr or sr go?

When writing a name in last name first format, suffixes like Jr. or Sr. typically follow the last name. For example, John Smith Jr. would be written as Smith, John Jr. and John Smith Jr. Sr. would be written as Smith, John Jr. Sr.

How do you write dr. when writing last name first?

When writing a last name first, "Dr." can be written before the last name with a comma, like "Dr. Smith, John."

Is Smith a first name or last name in general?

In general, Smith is a last name.

In a Japanese does the last or first name come first?

The last name comes first. If your name was John Smith, then it would be Smith John in Japan.

What is the correct way to write a hyphenated last name when putting the last name then first name?

When writing a hyphenated last name before the first name, you should place the entire last name before the first name with a hyphen in between the elements of the last name. For example, "Smith-Jones, Sarah."

What is a last name?

a last name is the name after your first name like Sarah the first name and smith the last name. The family name, the surname.

What Is The First Common Last Name?


What is meant by first name and last name?

Last name is the name of the family-father's last name, or mother's last name. First name is the name given to certain member's of the family. For example: John Smith. Smith is the name of the family (father's family or mother's family). John is a specific member of the Smith family.

What is the correct placement for jr or senior when you use last name first?

When using last name first, the correct placement for "Jr." or "Senior" is right after the last name. For example: "Smith Jr., John" or "Smith Sr., William."

What does your first and last name mean in German?

first name - Vornamelast name - Nachnamee.g.: John (first name/Vorname) Smith (last name/Nachname)

What is the most common first and last name?

Dave smith