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In most cases, I doubt they go to the hospital, but you never know if they go in some cases, I mean Owen Heart died, so they may if something doesn't go exactly as planed. They do get hurt at times like people do in most sports and other jobs like moive actors, race car driving and what not. Kurt broke his neck, do what most would conider, "safe" Wrestling, Lita broke her neck, playing a part in Dark Angel, Droz is paralized, from wrestling, and so they can get hurt, in pro-wrestling, as well. Most is faked injuries, and are planed out, with no need to go to the hospital, but this can be an unprodictable business. If the injury is planned, the ambulance usually goes to the hospital where they're rental car is. From there, it is up to them where they want to go. I know this because I was backstage at the Raw where Amy Dumas was borught to the hospital when Kane chokeslammed her. Before the show, she was talking about it with some guy and I asked him. He then told me that.

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Q: When wrestlers go to the hospital do they really go there or do they go somewhere else?
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